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Symphogear G ep4: the power belongs to those watching and waiting

It’s a simple question. If you the person you stand next to is taller than you, are you taller than them if you stand on a stool that gives you the height advantage. The fact that some people will say yes, some will say no, and some will say that depends on when the picture is taken, shows that what you have may be a fluid situation, whether you like to admit it or not. And that’s the situation now in Symphogear G.  Fine is powerful, very powerful. But they are playing with fire, and may not be sure how to handle it. The stool is a precarious, wobbly place.  And it’s easy to fall from there, especially if the person who gave you that stool is waiting for it to break.

Too much metaphor for you? It’s OK. This is just Symphogear after all. You’ll understand soon enough.

The battle from the previous episode rages on, as the good Gear girls and their organization have to come to terms with the reality that the entity Fine herself has resurrected in another body. If those who watched the first season recall, she was the one actually in control of Professor Ryoko’s body, which makes me wonder why we haven’t seen more of Maria Cadenzavuna Eve naked in this show so far? But more on that later, as her battle with Tsubasa takes precedent.

I was impressed. I really like Maria Cadenzavuna Eve’s moveset. She’s got a very stylish, flashy fighting technique that has bit more grace than any of the other Gear users. And the way she uses that cape I think is completely badass. And as Tsubasa has been sufficiently paired up as her rival, we get a fight that’s short on words and heavy on the action. The Black Gungnir fights NOTHING like Hibiki’s! Fortunately, the tide shifts near the end of their battle when the effects of Professor Ver’s mist seem to start wearing off on Tsubasa, while Maria Cadenzavuna Eve’s sync ratio begins to drop. Meanwhile, the other new gear users show up to keep Hibiki and the significantly weakened Chris from interfering.

I really like the Deathscythe user’s song, even though she’s a ruthless antagonist to Chris, my favorite Gear user. And the girls together are easily able to push Hibiki and Chris off and away from Professor Ver. Despite that, the battle is still shifting towards Tsubasa, Hibiki and Chris’s favor, as Maria Cadenzavuna Eve is the lynchpin of this fight, and she’s rapidbly losing power. Her mother flies in on her stealth chopper (the thing can fully cloak!) and extracts everyone to safety. The good guys are left to wrestle with the fact that they’re terribly outclassed technologically, and that their ancient nemesis has been ressurrected. The bad guys are left to deal with the fact that their base has been idiotically lost due to Professor Ver’s actions. And that the Nephilim that they are relying on is short on food and good go ravenous at any point. Though I fear that this has been Professor Ver’s plan all along.

The setting turns towards school, where there’s a festival underway and in the auditorium. While there, we see that Tsubasa has been discovered and is being stalked by the angry little Gear users that accompany Maria Cadenzavuna Eve. Their reason for being on school grounds is to find food for the Nephilim, and that food is supposed to be the Symphogear fragments that all the Gear users use. So naturally, Professor Ver asks them to steal the fragments and kill two birds with one stone. It’s too bad for them that Chris bumps into Tsubasa as she fails to evade the people in her club. It looks like they have plans for her.

We then see Hibiki and Miku in the audience as a performance starts. It looks like there’s a little talent competition going on, and the winner gets to have a wish granted by the school council. Not a magical wish mind you, anything within their power. And that’s still a pretty good incentive for any club fighting for recognition and resources. Though on a side note, clubs competing to win a wish from the student council sounds like it could be the premise for an entire show nowadays. I shudder at the thought.

When the featured group gets to sing the first verse of their song (very well, mind you), before getting kicked off. We then see that it’s Chris’s turn to take the stage – solo! She performs wonderfully, and genuinely seems to be happy singing. It’s something she struggled with in the previous season, seeing it as only a means to harness her hate and anger. But it seems like she’s made it to the point where she’s singing for joy, the sheer joy of singing. It’s a wonderful scene that is broken up by the two enemy Gear users deciding to join in the competition.

End of episode.

That was a fun ride for the most part. Having the opposing Gear users spar has exposed some of Fine’s weaknesses (the organization and the reincarnated spirit). They’re pushing themselves to the brink to get these advantages, and it looks like Maria Cadenzavuna Eve isn’t even an ideal host for Fine, needing the same aid possibly that Tsubasa’s dead partner Kanade used to wield Gungnir. It’s become quite clear that they’re relying heavily on Professor Ver and that unstable, ravenous Nephilim to carry them to eventual victory. And I wouldn’t trust Ver so far as I could throw a boat. He’s already shown himself to be incredibly treacherous, and like how Ryouko used Chris, I imagine he’ll use every ounce of the Gear users’ power and resolve to meet his own selfish ends.

I’m now left wondering just how much Ver has left up his sleeve, and how much more he knows in comparison to the girls and the old hag. That mist of his did horrible damage to Chris’s sync ratio, and I’m guessing her inhaling it while she was singing was the trigger. If that mist is really as effective as it seems then their advantage could easily be just ambushing the girls like that again, and using the Nephilim to finish them off.

Regardless, good episode, good action and a few nice moments. Plus I got to hear one of my favorite tracks from the Symphogear soundtrack, “Sakamaku Keppu”.

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