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Monogatari S2 ep4: wrath, lust, jealousy; wise to your own ignorance

With a new day dawning, it’s naturally Hanekawa who greets us as the episode starts. She’s quite aware that something isn’t right anymore when she wakes from her sleeps. And she’s also quite used to seeing the signs of Black Hanekawa’s arrivals. Though the clues are there clear enough now, they’re different clues compared to the ones she’s seen before. The rules are different, the circumstances are different.

Her detective work is interrupted however by a Fire Sister’s call for her to get up and come to breakfast. She’s naturally curious as to how Araragi could find their daily attempts to wake him anything but adorable. Ha! The ignorance of only children. After breakfast, she heads out for school, but is caught on the way out by Mama Araragi. Heh, even though we don’t see her face, her mannerisms on some level are definitely similar to Koyomi’s.

Interesting how everyone in this show seems to pickup on how dark and unfriendly the relationship between Hanekawa and her parents are.

Also on the way to school, Hanekawa runs into an old predator of hers. A guy named Mr. Episode. Painfully, I’ll have to skip over much of this interesting conversation, because my inability to get around to watching Nekomonogatari Kuro has finally bitten me in the ass. I have no idea who this guy is, and he has a hell of a back-story.  What’s important though, is that he’s doing mercenary work for someone in town. And that someone soon shows up. Her name is Gaen, and she’s an incredibly “confident” and talkative woman – though the big mouth dresses like she’s thirteen or fourteen. She tells Hanekawa a lot of information, but also is terribly scathing in her commentary on Hanekawa. And after Mr. Episode had already spent time before berating her, I’m sure she was already near her boiling point. Though Gaen does eventually seem to point her in the right direction.

There seems to be an interesting theme going on here, as we see Mr. Episode, a guy who clearly looks like he’s twenty years old or more, admit that he’s only six… must be some weird half-vampire crap. After all, the lovely Shinobu does change appearance dramatically depending on her level of strength. If that’s the case, Mr. Episode must be pretty strong. And then we see Gaen, someone who looks like a young teen, who is apparently Oshino’s sempai . Is really quite screwy. This show does seem to love playing with the idea of age and responsibility.

As Hanekawa researches the meaning of the tiger, and even the meaning of its name, she gets some rather varied answers and possibilities. And a phone conversation between her and Senjougahara reveals some possibly chilling possibilities. Possibilities like the white tiger appararition burning down every place that Hanekawa has slept. That leaves Senjougahara’s apartment, and Araragi’s home in danger… of course, this is only a problem if her hypothesis is right.

The study continues as she’s “invited” to play cards with the Fire Sisters when she finally arrives back at their house.  The conversation leads to a number of things.  Talk of what the words fire and flame can mean; a reflection on justice and love in the prism of passion; and eventually an answer to what Hanekawa has been searching for all this time.  With the Fire Sisters divulging the fact that they both have boyfriends, and that Koyomi refuses to meet or acknowledge them, Hanekawa takes it upon herself to point out that he’s not being mean or hypocritical as the girl had feared.  Koyomi is in fact being JEALOUS.


And with that realization that a third possible mean for a feeling that burns with passion can be a strong, burning jealousy, Hanekawa seems to realize what she must do.  She does her best to leave what she thinks may be her last traces in Koyomi’s life, and then begins writing a letter to Black Hanekawa.  A final letter perhaps?

End of episode.

I hate the idea, the feeling, the possibility that this franchise could be without Hanekawa.  But she seems to believe that something in her needs to die for go away.  I haven’t totally grasped the situation, yet.  But I imagine that the white tiger apparition is a part of her, just like Black Hanekawa.  The other possibility being that the apparition acts on jealousy somehow, and her mind set off some sort of chain reaction in it, causing it to act on her jealous feelings.

As for the episode itself, it was a very, very talkative one.  Once Gaen started talking, I just kinda rolled back in my chair and resigned myself for a long ride.  Often Oshino’s associates are the brash, arrogant and/or talkative kind.  Listening to them is almost never pleasant, but always informative.  In a way, they are the alpha dogs of this series, the top of the food chain.  Their ability to manipulate or destroy the supernatural, and the people through them makes them incredibly powerful and important in this series.  And throughout, there has never been a real answer to any of them.  Gaen dominated this episode from the moment she appeared, and whether it’s for good or bad, she’s an ominous character.

With this arc potentially closing very soon, I wonder how long we have before Koyomi shows back up.  I imagine whatever little adventure he’s been on this whole time will be the other half of this season.  Though before we get that far, I really hope I can squeeze in Nekomonogatari Kuro‘s antics, too.  I don’t mind the ignorance the characters hold themselves, and I don’t mind being ignorant of the happenings in a story either, but I can’t accept being uninformed when I have the option to be informed.  Unlike Hanekawa, I have no intention of turning my gaze away from the truth or knowledge in this show.

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  1. July 28, 2013 at 09:46

    Episode isn’t from Nekomonogatari Kuro. It’s from the prequel novel whose movie adaptation still haven’t seen the light of day yet.

  1. August 3, 2013 at 23:59

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