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Symphogear G ep7 & 8: Trouble’s her middle name!

August 25, 2013 1 comment

Episode 7

This episode came to a hell of a conclusion, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves as this was a very Dragonball-Z type of episode.

What we get in the beginning is one hell of a confrontation, though I wouldn’t necessarily call it a fight. Hibiki’s rampage from the last episode has put her on the brink of defeating the Noise-spamming sociopath, Dr. Ver. It’s just too bad that near victory is just the start of a series of convenient coincidences, as the expressionless Shirabe and the genki Kirikia show up to stop her with their Gears. Their stand off leads to Read more…

Symphogear G ep6: magical girls don’t retire, they explode like a thousand suns!

August 11, 2013 1 comment

In the span of one episode, the tables are turned, the hourglass is reset and once again Hibiki is the most fearsome creature on the planet!

Last episode’s cliffhanger is quickly resolved when we’re reminded that Symphogear didn’t study at the school of pretty prissy mahou shoujo like all the other good little magical girl shows. Mahou shoujo got its degree at the school of shounen battle manga, where lost limbs and death are only excuses to get stronger and kick more ass. The loss of Hibiki’s arm and the ensuing panic causes Hibiki to go berserk at the same time the Nephilim digests her arm and transforms into a larger evolved form. Amazingly, berserker Hibiki is able to regenerate her arm, much to everyone’s amazement. This leads to a ridiculous and brutal fight between the two literal monsters. A fight that the Nephilim is clearly losing. Read more…

Symphogear G ep5: Not for Kids!

August 5, 2013 2 comments

Symphogear G seems to be sending a very clear message to the characters and the viewers. And that message seems to be that the road ahead is a dark and bloody one, not meant for those with doubts. Then again, people have been dying horrible deaths since the very early moments of the very first episode of the first season. So horrible deaths and a adult atmosphere shouldn’t come as even the slightest bit of a surprise to anyone who’s been watching. Still, a reminder seems to be needed. And this is one I won’t soon forget. Read more…

Symphogear G ep4: the power belongs to those watching and waiting

July 27, 2013 1 comment

It’s a simple question. If you the person you stand next to is taller than you, are you taller than them if you stand on a stool that gives you the height advantage. The fact that some people will say yes, some will say no, and some will say that depends on when the picture is taken, shows that what you have may be a fluid situation, whether you like to admit it or not. And that’s the situation now in Symphogear G.  Fine is powerful, very powerful. But they are playing with fire, and may not be sure how to handle it. The stool is a precarious, wobbly place.  And it’s easy to fall from there, especially if the person who gave you that stool is waiting for it to break. Read more…

Symphogear G ep3: bright, but not smart

July 22, 2013 1 comment

This show isn’t wasting any time throwing the opposing forces against each other so far this season.  I’m wondering how long this will last before we get a break for character development.  If we get a break for character development… do we really need it? Read more…

Symphogear G ep2: the climax isn’t the end

July 21, 2013 7 comments

Is there any point to what you crazy b*tches are doing?! The worst of worst situations, we have a group of angry, bitter terrorist Gear users with a crazy and greedy organization backing them up. I have a feeling simple world domination isn’t enough for a group like this.  Symphogear G episode two, let’s go! Read more…

Check-in Station: Symphogear G ep1 (we got a diva here!)

July 7, 2013 1 comment

Words have always escaped me when it came to Symphogear. They escaped me so much that despite several attempts, I could never do a close-out review for the series. I just didn’t have words for how batsh*t insane the finale was. So I’m watching this new season with great pleasure, as I hope this time around I can properly convey my feelings in regards to what I think was one of the best series and biggest of surprises of 2012. Let’s get started with the next season of Symphogear, Symphogear G! Read more…

OreShura ep5: a badass medical drama is just around the corner

February 3, 2013 5 comments

Episode 4

You had to wonder at the end of episode four how Eita was gonna handle the love letter in his foot locker. Standard Harem Operating Procedure (SHOP) dictates that when a third member of the harem is introduced, it’s done awkwardly and with great misunderstanding. Actually, that’s how every girl appears to the male protagonist. And I was greatly looking forward to seeing how this eventual misunderstanding would further screw with Eita’s life. But first, he has Masuzu and Chiwa’s substantial problems to deal with first. Read more…

Check-in Station: Chu2koi eps1-5 (your grasp on reality scares me)

January 29, 2013 Leave a comment

The popularity of this show has escaped me from the moment I read about it.  Things like what studio is animating it, and what voice talent butters the toast for the show, never really mattered to me until after I’ve watched something.  And the idea of something cute and delusional has never maintained any sense of novelty with me.  So I came to Chu2koi with a hardened outlook.  I like to see why something is popular with the general viewership and it usually pays off, even if I’ve already been exposed to spoilers.  However, Chu2koi‘s special properties may be escaping at this moment. Read more…

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Gundam AGE ep42: a new system is needed, or space hugs are bad.

August 4, 2012 1 comment

Way late, but somehow still on time for Gundam AGE episode 42. And there is a lot to harp on. The mounds of dialogue from inside of cockpits. The flashy, but never too impressive mecha combat. How badass, ruthless Federation pilots always make me remember love for the Titans (not those knock-off A-LAWS). And the fact that AGE is making me rethink my position as a fan of the Gundam franchise. Let’s go! Read more…

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