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Check-in Station: Wish Upon Pleiades ep1 (does anyone know what they’re doing?)

April 13, 2015 2 comments


I know, I know. I should very well be watching that other far more established magical girl show right airing right now. But I haven’t watched Nanoha in a very long time, nor have I seen all the material. So I decide to wait a while to watch that. Instead I decided to take a look at this very colorful magical girl show from Gainax. And man, does this make me wish more exciting shows like Vividred Operation.

In no uncertain terms, I will say that I was bored watching this show. Sure, it’s pretty but it’s also slow as hell. We spend so much time with Subaru. Unfortunately, Subaru is boring and mousy and just not very exciting at all. She has a dynamic with one of the other magical girls, but that doesn’t amount to much so far. It’s just too girls working through a misunderstanding. The whole show felt very vacuous and light. And that may very well be the entire point. This show may be purely aimed at little girls. It makes total sense. and there may be none of the hard hitting charms that made Nanoha, Vividred and Precure so fun to watch for people outside the designed demographics.

I’ll keep this short. You know where I’m going with this. This show is not for me, and I mean that in every way possible. It just bored me to tears. And it’s like Triage X in that it has some very appealing aspects, but as a whole show it feels painfully incomplete. If popular opinion says that this show is far deeper or electrifying than what I’ve been exposed to so far, then I may take a look. But I’m dropping Wish Upon Pleiades right now.


Check-out Station: Symphogear G ep13 (nothing is impossible for someone who wears their underwear on the outside)

October 15, 2013 Leave a comment

That is that! It is done! And this time I can actually muster up some words for the conclusion of this season, unlike for the original. I’m glad I watched this series, completed it and got to enjoy it for all its great and flawed and ridiculous parts! Read more…

Symphogear G ep12: you can’t fly with just one wing

First of all, the Moon is a device to keep people from communicating with each other?  What?!  How deep is your bag ridiculousness Symphogear G? Also, when did this show turn into just a series of misunderstandings? This is almost like a bunch of Gundam fights, where people are lamenting humanity’s inability to communicate with each other.  Oh man!  What utter nonsense!  That said, let’s get down to the important business of watching little girls try to kill each other while singing and wearing (or not wearing) the most ridiculous clothing.   Read more…

Symphogear G ep11: fighting your friends for your beliefs; fighting your beliefs for your friends

September 15, 2013 1 comment

So you guys are gonna skip that massive cliffhanger from last week and just move on to another scene? Fine! Whatever! I don’t care! Whatever!

As the episode begins, we get to see Frontier in all its glory for the first time. Read more…

Symphogear G ep10: what is happening?!

September 8, 2013 1 comment

The Royal Rumble continues!

Wow! Not a moment of slow down in this episode! I don’t even know how to describe what went down aside from calling it chaos. Read more…

Symphogear G ep9: the royal rumble of magical girl shows

September 4, 2013 1 comment

I don’t think this show knows how to take it down a notch! Even though it has a small cast and draws from only a few resources, it keeps mixing the pot so that each show refuses to be formulaic. Though I will say the constant seems to be that show desperately wants to keep you excited and wanting its next installment.

We’re lead to be believe that Miku was blown to moe chunks at the end of the previous episode. But Read more…

Symphogear G ep7 & 8: Trouble’s her middle name!

August 25, 2013 1 comment

Episode 7

This episode came to a hell of a conclusion, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves as this was a very Dragonball-Z type of episode.

What we get in the beginning is one hell of a confrontation, though I wouldn’t necessarily call it a fight. Hibiki’s rampage from the last episode has put her on the brink of defeating the Noise-spamming sociopath, Dr. Ver. It’s just too bad that near victory is just the start of a series of convenient coincidences, as the expressionless Shirabe and the genki Kirikia show up to stop her with their Gears. Their stand off leads to Read more…

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