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Majestic Prince ep15 & 16: to lose oneself to battle, or to one’s self

It’s time to catch up on one of my favorite shows of 2013!  I can’t believe I fell behind on this, of all shows!  Though I gotta say, if anyone was expecting this show to slow down at all for any more character development, you’re quite wrong!  Any character development that wants to hop onto this moving train is going to have to sprint and jump.  Majestic Prince slows down for no one!

Episode 15

With the battle over, Izuru is in the infirmary with his team watching over him. Somewhat dumbfounded by what they’ve seen. I can’t blame them. Izuru pretty much turned into a beast on the battlefield. Red-5 was already pretty dangerous, but what they saw was enough to scare Toshikazu, and excite Ataru.

As that goes on, we see Commander Metalface talking with lollipop lady – I mean Rin discussing the previous battle and especially Ange and Izuru’s actions. Commander Metalface explains the AHSMBs to Rin, stating that the pilots and AHSMBs are made from the same DNA! And that the machines not only have a personality of their own, but can awaken. When this happens, their personalities threaten to completely take over that of the pilot, possibly changing them forever. It’s a statement that worries Rin, and she doesn’t hesitate to order a full medical review on Izuru the moment he regains consciousness.

Speaking of that, it seems that Commander Metalface’s warnings have rung true. When Izuru awakes, he’s more off than usual. More outgoing, forward and confident than his usual self.

On a temporarily more positive note, it seems lieutenant Amane has been promoted quite graciously to Lieutenant Commander Amane (let me look at my U.S. Navy ranks to double check), never mind. That’s not so gracious a promotion. It’s just one step up, but it still shows that her skill and competency is being recognized. I found it a slight vindication when the show itself admitted that she was promoted so quickly because of a lack of competent officers. And it takes no time this competent officer to be sent off to investigate attacks on spy satellites by the Wulgaru. It’s a good thing she has Team Doberman to keep her company!

As Izuru recovers, the team one by one visits him to confirm how he’s doing. And each and every time, he impresses. It’s a pretty funny and telling thing when everyone is impressed immediately by his now “not sh*t” manga. Also, it’s funny and creepy to see even the guys blush and swoon when Izuru flashes that winning smile at them. Bisexual AHSMB pilots? Don’t care, let’s move on.

It seems that everyone is happy, though a tad weird-ed out by Izuru’s new personality, except Kei. She’s of course fallen in love with a completely different personality, so I’m sure she sees him as a completely different person now. Regardless, she attempts to visit him again and nurse him to help, this time with the aid of her “special” pastries. Well, the pastries as expected are insanely sweet and pretty much put Izuru into cardiac arrest. He’s left not even breathing and has to be brought back to consciousness by a defibrillator. But when he awakens, he doesn’t remember what’s happened recently. And as one of the medical techs notices, his heightened harmonics levels have returned to normal. It’s something that hasn’t happened since their last battle. Let’s hope everyone doesn’t have to have a near-death experience to get their personalities back.

There’s little time to celebrate however, as Team Doberman’s mission has gone horribly wrong. With massive numbers and stealth units on their side, the Wulgaru forces are able to immediately put the tiny Team Doberman on their heels. They’re so badly outclassed and outnumbered they can’t even retreat. It’s up to Team Rabbits to save the day, minus Izuru of course.

As Team Rabbits heads off into the field, we get a quick glimpse of Izuru’s AHSMB personality (that’s what I’m calling it until it get renamed by the show). It seems rather aggressive, similar to Ange in battle mode.

As the battle takes hold, we see that this is a very well orchestrated, coordinated plan.  Team Rabbits is struggling not to fall into the same trap of getting separated that Team Doberman did, but even with them in the battle the numbers are so overwhelming that the situation doesn’t change.  Slowly, but surely they are being worn down.  And Black-6 is getting the worst of it.  It doesn’t take long for Ange to blow it again and stop following orders.  As the AHSMBs fall apart, the Wulgaru forces are showing their true objective, as we see the stealth units sneak onto the nearby base’s surface and hack into their systems.  One of the council members is in charge of the attack, and he’s easily able to break through the network security to get valuable data on the MJP and their wayward princess.  Princess Turncoat is what they should call her, because I can’t pronounce her name to save my life.

The battle is turned quickly, and I dare say almost comically by Izuru’s presence.  As Black-6 is nearly captured, Izuru is his Core fighter shows up to turn the tide of battle.  But the damage has been done.  Commander Metalface face finds out all too late that the most secure bit of their information have been pilfered.  The Wulgaru are aware of the MJP and their pilot academy.  And they’ve set it squarely in their sights.  I fear there may be a lot of dead cadets in the near future.

End of episode.

Oh, and by the way, congratulations on Amane being promoted to Captain by the end of the episode!  Good god!  That’s like a two rank promotion, I guess they are using naval ranks.  The joke about her dying in combat is a relevant one.

Pretty awesome episode.  I feared this one may have been almost exclusively about character development, but the show hasn’t slowed down.  That was a pretty busy and elongated battle.  And a lot was learned.  For one, the AHSMBs are a pretty strong threat to their pilots.  It seems being too good is a possibility for these machines, as if you “dive too deep”, you threaten not to be able to come back after long.  Also, the AHSMBs being constructed of the same DNA as the pilots is kinda creepy, and reminds me of how the Evas were connected to their pilots in somewhat similar fashion.  So while the show doesn’t harp on how strange and creepy this is, that has not stopped me from taking notice.

Also of note, and I shouldn’t be surprised by this, the Wulgaru has a decent tactician in their midst.  I forgot the guy’s name, who was in charge of hacking into the base computers, but he had a hell of a plan and easily had all the AHSMBs on the ropes.  If someone like Captain Amane or another clever tactician doesn’t step up to stop him, he’s going to do a lot of damage.  Also, his presence and competency makes me happy.  It makes me think back to when I watched those lovely and clever battles from Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

Those are my two main points, good characters, clever progression combining to give us clever characters and good progression.  The latter being more important, but not possible without the former.  This was fun, as usual I’m looking forward to the next episode.

Episode 16

With that near disaster of a battle over, Captain Amane has been summoned to a high level meeting with other MJP leaders to meet with important economic powers.  She informs Rin of this, who asks her to switch to a private channel, where she informs her of the real details behind how the MJP got its technology.  It’s a heavy burden to shove on a new officer, I wonder how she’ll cope with it…?

Meanwhile, Ange’s welcome party has finally begun.  How long did it take?  Three episodes to get to this point?  Even Team Doberman pops into the festivities.  And since it’s Ange’s party, things quickly seem to focus on her.  Seeing this, and all the talk of there being two aces in the group, Toshikazu gets up and walks away.  Do I detect jealousy?  Toshikazu leaves to get some fresh air, where he runs into the little girl mechanic he went out on a “date” with a few episodes ago.  She’s able to get him to voice his concern openly, which is just what I suspected it to be.  He’s upset that he’s not considered an ace like Izuru and Ange.  That’s a gripe that could lead to a bleeding ulcer for a guy like him.


The setting changes to massive GDF/economic powers meeting with the GDF commander and Captain Amane.  There she learns that even in a dire situation like the one Earth faces, the different nationalities and unions are still fighting amongst each other in a tense and ravenous political game over rights in space, rights towards technology and rights for information.  Even worse, MJP has to play a careful game of not giving up too much information, for fear of  being put on trial for the genetic manipulation of children after the war.  It’s an ugly situation that helps Amane put into perspective the plight of the pilots under her and Rin’s control.

In the meantime, a different meeting is taking place, as Izuru has been invited to have a dinner meeting with Teoria (Princess Turncoat).  Of course, everyone takes this to meet he’s going to a formal date, much to Kei’s chagrin, and Ataru does his best to coach his teammate, with some terrible assistance from the girls.  It here that Toshikazu returns, and they ask him (especially Kei) to keep Izuru company on his date.  Though this planning and hoping is put on hold by a call from Commander Metalface (OK, by this point I have to admit that I know his name is Simon, but I like my nickname).  At the meeting, Commander Metalface offers them the opportunity to stepdown from their roles as pilots, and offers them the opportunity to be instructors.  Both of them, and I believe Rin as well, are shocked by the subject, but turn down the offer.  There isn’t much time for reflection after that little bombshell though.  While Toshikazu has a moment to talk to Rin, and reaffirm some of his resolve, world events  are moving quickly.  It gives you the feeling that the meeting with Teoria and the Wulgaru’s sudden attack at the same time are linked, and equally important.  And that proves true, as their meeting is interrupted by word that some of the Wulgaru have slipped past Earth’s aboslute defense zone, the last line of defense protecting Earth!

End of episode.

Now the question is, are the Wulgaru just trying to wipe out the academy, or is Teoria a target as well?  They know about both, and they can’t afford to let either situation go unaddressed.  It’s a fact that the only reason Earth has any competent defense is because of her.  And it’s also a fact that without competent pilots to match up with the AHSMBs, that , there’s no real resistance either.  Has Teoria given Earth all the knowledge and experience she has?  If so, she may be the expendable one.  I know, it’s sad and cruel to say.  Though if she still has more to share, the Wulgaru assassins killing her could top off humanity’s ability to fight back.

The main reason I think Commander Simon is offering Izuru and Toshikazu is because they are both good leaders and pilots, but because also he worries about their longevity.  In Izuru’s case, it’s health.  He’s on the verge of being swallowed whole by his own unit.  And Izuru may be needed just how he is, bad manga included and all.  In Toshikazu’s case he’s also proven to be a good leader who can share his valuable experience with the cadets.  Both of them, are the only ones competent enough to teach, but could both be killed at any moment.

What I don’t understand about this situation is that I don’t believe Team Rabbits is strong enough to survive without both of them.  So I don’t understand why he’d allow them to leave without suitable backups.  In essence, Toshikazu has served as an interim leader for the team on several occasions, in the most crucial of circumstances.  Unless there are potential ace pilots lying in wait that I don’t know about, the team will be a mess.  Neither decision is necessarily wrong either.  Placing them as teachers is a move to ensure a proper transition to the future, while keeping them around is a way to ensure that it even exists.  It’s a tough spot.

With the Wulgaru appearing to throw a lot of muscle and brains into what may or may not totally be a diversion, it will be an interesting test for Earth.  How will they handle being invaded for the first time?  Will they be able to accomplish protecting what the Wulgaru seek out to destory?  Will they even be able to reach the ultimate moral goal of this show?  Cooperation?  If anything has been given clear moral and message precedent in this show, it has been teamwork.  The Wulgaru are a selfish, self-centered, lustful and hyper competitive race.  They’ve evolved and adapted into the forms they have now.  They are literally a race that eats its own young to survive.  A type of Ouroboros if you will.  The next episode will be a huge and key test to see if humanity can not only weather this storm, but if they can eventually stop this vicious cycle.

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