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Symphogear G ep3: bright, but not smart

This show isn’t wasting any time throwing the opposing forces against each other so far this season.  I’m wondering how long this will last before we get a break for character development.  If we get a break for character development… do we really need it?

It’s been a week since the terrorist organization known as Fine declared war on the world. But surprisingly, they haven’t done anything since. And everyone’s a little bit puzzled by that. They just seem to be brooding underneath the surface. Thankfully Ogawa picks up some intel that may lead to their secret hideout. Convenient, though perhaps it’s too convenient a break.

While Chris and Tsubasa seem to have adjusted to school life well enough. Hibiki is still fretting over the harsh words her opponent gave her in that battle. Though in a way, Hibiki fazing out is a sign of her being back to normal as well.

Meanwhile, on the bad guys’ side of things. We get treated to seeing the loli Gear duo in the shower. And by treated, I mean we get to uncomfortably watch these two girls undergo character development alone and naked together.

No thanks guys.

It seems the dark haired girl really has an axe to grind, and some anger issues. She seems to be lingering on her encounter with Hibiki, but she’s more angry and puzzled, as compared to Hibiki’s sad and puzzled. Maria Cadenzavuna Eve visits them in the shower and steels their resolve with her strong, confident words and large, supple breasts. * ahem* While they shower, the old hag and traitor scientist, Dr. Ver begin preparations for the next stage of their plan. They’re holding onto some beast that they claim has fallen from heaven. It looks pretty nasty, almost like something out of the Eva universe.

Later that night, Hibiki, Chris and Tsubasa are sortied on a mission to take down what is believed to be the Fine’s headquarters. An abandoned hospital that isn’t very far from their school.  Though if they weren’t sure they were walking a trap before, they knew once they got inside.  Dr. Ver is more than ready for them as he deploys Noise at them, but also some strange red mist as well.  Things quickly turn bad, as the girls are progressively getting weaker, and Chris, who is leading the attack is started to get negative feedback.  The girls are so weak that they’re having trouble killing the Noise.  T0 make matters worse, the strange beast that was witnessed earlier in the episode is let loose on the girls.  Dr. Ver takes the opportunity to make his appearance and confess his sins to the girls.  He now wields the Solomon’s Cane, and is summoning Noise at will.  He summons the beast back to him and sends it away while the girls are left to fight the Noise with progressively worse results.

Tsubasa decides to use her superior mobility to chase down the best and its Noise transport, while Hibiki protects Chris.  All the effort is for naught though, as Maria Cadenzavuna Eve shows up to claim the prize herself.

End of episode.

Well this was a bit of a run around.  I wonder what all this was for?  Fine already had all those items in their possession.  I wonder if this really was just a plot to potentially take down the good Gear users?  If so, it almost succeeded.  But why would you take your foot off the gas like Ver did?

It’s starting to look like Fine may not be as powerful up front as the good guys, but they may have surpassed them with technology.  With the power of Solomon’s Cane, and Dr. Ver’s skills, they are likely on the cutting edge of weird Symphogear pseudo science.  Couple that with weird Symphogear relationships, like the ones the butthurt lolis have (it’s actually not that weird, I’m just waiting for them to explain everyone’s tragic backstory) and you get a group with plenty of power and not a whole lot of sense.  My guess even this early into the show is that by the end Dr. Ver is going to betray them all and get super powerful just like the baddie from the previous season.  So the show so far is pretty by the numbers to me.  Well there is the exception of that beast that devours Noise.  It looks like the wild card.  The show has only dealt with Noise and mahou shoujo up to this point.  So I’m not sure how that aspect of the story is going to play out.  Regardless, I can’t wait for the next episode.

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