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Gundam AGE ep48: to meet your makers and live up to your predecessors. You are a failure, Zeheart Gallette.

September 17, 2012 1 comment

This show has plowed through its funk.  Though much like the character mentioned in the title of this post, it did it at great sacrifice.  This episode tossed about a half dozen named characters out the window.  Major ones.  And now it’s left with the bear essentials.  The Asuno family, the cursed treasure and two broken worlds. Read more…


Gundam AGE ep45: the one-eyed dragon.

August 26, 2012 1 comment

[Gundam AGE ep44]

This was pretty straightforward episode.  I’m pretty sure there were at least ten minutes of lasers firing, recycled animation and close ups of Zeheart’s pretty, but unfortunately helmeted face.  I’m sure they saved a fortune on this episode.  But that doesn’t mean that I still wasn’t entertained.  It was a welcome change of pace from the Asuno family conflicts, Ezelcant’s babble of perfect humans and an Earthly Eden, and the usual crap about bits, funnels and the sort. Just a lot of action and joy of seeing Zeheart struggle for once. Read more…

Gundam AGE ep44: dripping with hyperbole, like chocolate syrup on a delusional sundae.

August 19, 2012 4 comments

[Gundam AGE ep43]

I’ve never hid my dislike for Zeheart Gallette, nor will I start now.  But I will state that I’m trying to be fair.  Something that doesn’t really come up very often in the show in regards to him.  I think he’s fairly assessed as an outstanding pilot and a charismatic and likable personality.  But I think he’s unfairly assessed as a great commander (by the people in the show) and competent judge of character.  And at his core, I don’t find Zeheart to have much of a personality.  But this episode was the episode that I sat back and honestly hoped that he would make the right decision.  The moral one.  Or at least put up a fight.  Can you guess how he handled it? Read more…

Don KangolJones’ Images of the Week: August 8th (Much love for Muv-Luv)

I enjoy a good mecha production as much as the next Gundam loving, Eva worshipping, Gurren-Lagann inspired guy. So when someone like me gets to enjoy 4 currently airing mecha or mecha inspired series, as well as some good old school Macross, I will say that I’m greatly aware and a time like this awed at the diversity and quantity that is at my disposal. And yet I still have the nerve to pick up a mahou shoujo and read pervy manga. I guess I’ll never be truly satisfied. Read more…

Gundam AGE ep43: the plot is revealed. Surprise. Giant thing smashes Earth. Again.

August 5, 2012 1 comment

[Gundam AGE ep42]

Episode 42 of Gundam AGE left me in a somewhat sour mood. It wasn’t a bad episode at all. But it spent a lot of time playing up its pawn. Sure they did a better job of using that pawn for entertainment purposes. And I have no problem with them using women to demonstrate the suffering of war, Zeta Gundam-style. But it’s still a fairly straightforward and a cliched way of using a character like Reina in a story to evoke emotions. My only hope going into this episode was that it didn’t repeat the flashback/fillerbuster fest that the previous episode became. Read more…

Gundam AGE ep42: a new system is needed, or space hugs are bad.

August 4, 2012 1 comment

Way late, but somehow still on time for Gundam AGE episode 42. And there is a lot to harp on. The mounds of dialogue from inside of cockpits. The flashy, but never too impressive mecha combat. How badass, ruthless Federation pilots always make me remember love for the Titans (not those knock-off A-LAWS). And the fact that AGE is making me rethink my position as a fan of the Gundam franchise. Let’s go! Read more…

DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: August 1st (It’s all about 7’s & bathhouses.)

Hello everybody! I’ve taken time out of watching women’s gymnastics (don’t ask), women’s volleyball (don’t ask), women’s swimming (don’t ask), and men’s basketball and the Olympics in general to bring back my “images of the week” posts. Since I came back from my hiatus, I’ve had trouble figuring things out. The straight forward part was catching up and finishing shows I was engaged with before I disappeared. I’m generally caught up with Fairy Tail and Gundam AGE. I’ve finished Symphogear (damn fun). And the showmen manga scene doesn’t move very briskly, so I’ve had no trouble keeping up there.

The real trouble comes with the new stuff, and the blog itself. Before I disappeared I had a plan, but right now it’s not so clear. I’ve made my attempts at episodic blogging. And while I enjoyed talking about certain shows up until a point, it’s very hard for me to push out thoughts that aren’t more than moldy unique from what I’ve said the week before on a series (Mouretsu Space Pirates, I blame you). And I. Definitely not the type to push out an editorial post twice a week. So for now, please bear with me as I figure things out. Right now, these special “images of the week” posts are the most comfortable and unique things I can push out. “Viva la Pervy Images of the Week!” Read more…

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