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Oreshura ep6: how to inspire your harem in under 30 minutes

Episode 5

The Adventures of Burning Pudding Princess, or The Hall Monitors’ Manifesto! …just a couple of titles I was mulling over for this post. OreShura appears to be rapidly expanding its cast right now. And I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. And on initial impression, the same may apply to this episode.

I’ve openly criticized and lauded OreShura for being what it is. It has over-the-top, forced comedy and drama. And it can either work or turn me off terribly because of that. There isn’t much in this show I can attach the words “nuance” and “subtlety” to for this series. So I watched most of this episode with a tilt head (curiousity).

When last episode left off, Eita had been caught on the school rooftop in embrace with Hime- Himeka – Akih—… They call her Hime, so I’ll call her Hime. He had been caught in a lover’s embrace alone on the roof with Hime by Masuzu and Chiwa. And what did Eita do to alleviate this issue? He attempts to lie. Of course this didn’t play out for long as Hime buts in during his explanation and tells them that she’s his ex-girlfriend (which I guess she technically believes is true since she believes they were lovers in a past life). Again this didn’t play out for long as by the end of the next school day, Masuzu had already sat Hime down and worked out the situation. Her and Eita are the most studious students in their class, so I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise she figured it out.

Masuzu is also smart enough to confront Hime on her feelings towards Eita and if she even belongs in the club, with some assistance from a very jealous and territorial Chiwa, too. And it was basically decided that Hime should perform a task to earn her way into the club. While she did that, everyone else spent their day off cleaning the pool. This led to a very unfortunate extended scene involving the very annoying Mana. She showed up with her tanned, bald, grown man escort again to threaten Masuzu again. Though this time the threat was more of an ultimatum. It quickly shook Masuzu down and she agreed in a heartbeat to cut her Japanese ties and go back to Sweden with Mana. Eita was dumped, just like that.

While she got changed (and Chiwa escorts her for no good reason), Hime showed up with her poem for the club. Mana took the opportunity to snatch away the notebook and ridicule it. Eita then goes “hero” on her and tried to get the notebook back and failed. But he did give a little speech on people’s embarrassing fantasies while somehow getting his ass kicked. Seriously though, all the guy was doing was holding him back, then he pushed him to the ground once. And at the end of the altercation Eita practically fainted. I know he’s a bookworm now, but that’s just silly. By this time, Masuzu and Chiwa had returned in time to hear Eita’s speech and see him get “beat up”. This spurred Masuzu on to switch around her stance 180 degrees and refuse to go back to Sweden. She even used her big sister rank to force Mana to apologize to Hime. That was quick!

The episode ends with a planned summer club trip the next day. Though an annoying hall monitor showed up and declared war on the club. Something about disbandment or something. ????

This was a mixed episode for me. Every episode can’t be filled with these swollen dramatic moments and speeches. And Eita’s latest outburst just fell flat for me. I may sound harsh, but it all felt a little week and forced to me. I didn’t buy that Eita’s speech and actions were so inspiring that it was enough to spur Masuzu on to defy her father’s wishes. She should have had that heart from the beginning if that’s all it took. It’s pushing me towards believing that these characters can’t really display their personalities or come to life without Eita’s actions. And thought none of these characters, especially Hime strikes me as a particularly strong character, I would hope something this weak would be their catalyst. Six episodes in, it just feels formulaic. Though on the positive side, we did get to learn more about Masuzu’s past from her altercation with Mana this episode. Apparently their ultra-rich dad lives in Sweden, and somehow Masuzu is living in Japan against his wishes. This has something to do with her dad abandoning her mom, too. It strikes me as silly, and doesn’t make sense to me, yet. But I will say that I’m always happy to know more about a character, especially if it’s not all done through flashbacks.

In the future, I’d very much like this stuff to happen less often, because ever since episode three I think we’ve had one of these swollen dramatic moments. On top of that, the show just added a new character, and it looks like one more may be joining next week. At some point this show needs to stop adding ingredients and make something of itself. Oh and just to be clear, I didn’t hate this episode at all. It was an easy watch. I was just disappointed by it. Even if this is a harem anime, I can live with it if just focused more on relationship building. And less on these events.

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