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Check-in Station Year in Review: Winter 2013 (the Warmth of Companionship – and Subpar Anime)

January 2, 2014 2 comments

With my Christmas post, I’ve already started my recap series for the year that I’ve dubbed End of Year Faffery.  My love of  British culture, and love the phrase “faffing about” is the inspiration behind this.  But don’t get the wrong idea.  Though I’m playing with concepts, presentation and ideas all the time on this blog; I’m seriously going through this blogs journey in anime throughout the entire year of 2013.  And I’m of course starting with the first season of the year, the Winter season.  After all, this blog is named the Check-in Station. It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to not not check-in at the end of the year with everything I’ve discovered, and experienced in world of anime.  Please enjoy, as I take on my journey through the year of anime, 2013. Read more…

Check-out Station: OreShura eps12 & 13 (Love is a battlefield – and so is your face!)

March 31, 2013 3 comments

Episode 11

There are many things I’ve said I will never do again.  Things like putting soy sauce on rice; watch a Neon Genesis Evangelion dub; renting from a black landlord (I don’t give a sh*t if you call me racist or not); becoming a born again Christian; joining the ****; mixing light and dark rums (GEEZUS, that was a terrible experience); and being friends with females.

Some of these are easy. Don’t put the soy sauce on the rice. You can only join the **** once, kinda. Unless the people who made the DVD/Blu-ray are complete a-holes then the disc for EVA should always be set to subs first.

While others are not so easy to keep, especially the not being friends with females thing.  It’s like a curse.  Some guys have shallow, sex filled relationships with women by the dozens.  I have rich fulfilling relationships with women that involve lots of talking and confiding and giving advice.  But NO sex.  I repeat, NONE.  Not an ounce.  Now if I was in anime like OreShura, I suppose that wouldn’t be a problem.  Because someone as lame as me would have women falling all over him.  This show…  Wow.  This show is a lesson in how it is IMPOSSIBLE to be casual friends with females.  The love is too deep.

Screw you Oreshura.  Screw.  You. Read more…

OreShura ep11: you can’t win if you don’t play the game.

March 17, 2013 3 comments

Episode 10

It’s like holding a place in line for a new video game console or other piece of hot tech, and then immediately selling it on ebay. Or asking for a window seat on a plane when you know you have to use the bathroom every thirty minutes. Or any other number of selfish, inconsiderate things that come from taking something from others when you find no value in it yourself. It’s annoying. And when people find out, no one is going to like you for it. Whether Masuzu wants to admit it or not. She’s playing the game of love. And performing miserably. Also, as a side note I may be beginning to develop some resentment towards Eita. Read more…

OreShura ep8, 9 and uh 10: you can’t fight time, but you can make it.

March 9, 2013 2 comments

Well, after two straight disastrous failures to post my thoughts on episodes 8 & 9, I’m left trying to encapsulate my thoughts on episode 10 now.  So I’ll have to do an impromptu Check-in post. Read more…

OreShura ep7: let the Royal Rumble begin!

February 16, 2013 Leave a comment

Episode 6

I really, really need to stop getting roped into these harem anime.  But then again, how many stories would last half as long as they do if you cut out the miscommunications and complications?  The more I watch this show, the more I realize it’s like a Pokemon that’s evolving.  It starts off all cute and simple, but nothing stays cute and simple once it evolves.  OreShura is turning into an anime that will drag Eita from one bloated, scatter-brained situation to another.  And I doubt how he’ll ever get out. Read more…

Oreshura ep6: how to inspire your harem in under 30 minutes

February 9, 2013 1 comment

Episode 5

The Adventures of Burning Pudding Princess, or The Hall Monitors’ Manifesto! …just a couple of titles I was mulling over for this post. OreShura appears to be rapidly expanding its cast right now. And I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. And on initial impression, the same may apply to this episode.

I’ve openly criticized and lauded OreShura for being what it is. It has over-the-top, forced comedy and drama. And it can either work or turn me off terribly because of that. There isn’t much in this show I can attach the words “nuance” and “subtlety” to for this series. So I watched most of this episode with a tilt head (curiousity). Read more…

OreShura ep5: a badass medical drama is just around the corner

February 3, 2013 5 comments

Episode 4

You had to wonder at the end of episode four how Eita was gonna handle the love letter in his foot locker. Standard Harem Operating Procedure (SHOP) dictates that when a third member of the harem is introduced, it’s done awkwardly and with great misunderstanding. Actually, that’s how every girl appears to the male protagonist. And I was greatly looking forward to seeing how this eventual misunderstanding would further screw with Eita’s life. But first, he has Masuzu and Chiwa’s substantial problems to deal with first. Read more…

OreShura ep4: immensely satisfying; eminently embarrassing

January 27, 2013 3 comments

Episode 3

Well, I think if may be time to hand out upgrades. This episode has really pushed my opinion of the show in a positive direction. I haven’t been giving OreShura much credit for being a good show. Or at least an entertaining one. Counting this fourth episode, I’d say I’ve enjoyed about 75% of what I’ve seen. And only the first half of the first episode has been truly bad. I think I’m also starting to get this show’s goals and patterns. Read more…

OreShura ep3: when winning is losing, and dreams are goals.

January 20, 2013 1 comment

I had trouble identifying what anime I was watching this week.  There was some Chuunibyou (coincidentally just started on that series, too), some Toradora!, and a gumbo of Dragonball Z, Shakugan no Shana and some other stuff thrown in for good measure.  But I think this mess of an episode managed to hold my interest and hopes a little bit. I guess it’s a good thing too, I need to have hope for some shows after all.  If not I’ll just look like an angry old man.  OreShura!  Let’s go! Read more…

OreShura ep2: So Dirty

January 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Episode 1

I could not be more pleased with a show that has heart. Something that tugs at your heart strings, a series that warms up your insides and turns your hard emotions into jelly. You know, something that makes you root for a character trying to make their way. Right now, OreShura does not have that. Matter of fact, it’s looking like it wants to quite heartless.  And maybe I’m okay with that. Read more…

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