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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ep6: in war, blood is the only real currency

Episode 5

I usually am careful what I ask for. A motto I like to live by is: be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. And that is because when people ask for something, when people demand things, they rarely take into account what it takes to get it. It’s a lesson popularly told in stories dealing with genies, or other apparitions that like to grant wishes. Often it’s not just about producing things out of thin air. It’s about commandeering resources from one group or place, and giving them to someone, or someplace else. I find this applies not just to me as I watch, but it applies to the characters in this story as well. The people of the Winter Kingdom want victory, peace and independence. But I’m not sure more of the populace even fathoms what even a fraction of that costs. And Demon King/Crimson Scholar wants something even beyond that. And though I’m sure she’s done her calculations, I’m not sure she’s fully prepared for what comes with its cost.

So we are finally seeing the fruits of Hero’s non-violent tactics. He was scaring the troops into leaving the captured demon city with aid from Demon King’s demon subjects (fairies apparently can be quite handy in this universe). Meanwhile, Demon King has been summoned to the Winter King’s camp to help with their efforts to retake Bright Light Island. And let me say real quick, that I almost can’t see why anyone would want to retake that place. It looks like an absolute sh*t hole, and it’s ripe for a proper siege. Anyway, she comes up with a very clever plan of building a bridge to the island using all the loose chunks of glacier floating out in the sea between the island and the main land. Now on a little extra thought, I wondered why the sea demons didn’t nix this plan in the bud immediately by hassling the soldiers as they exposed themselves out in that water? But I’ll let the writers have their victory and blame that failure on the Ice General’s complacency.

With the ice bridge built, Knight (who showed up in the previous episode to take the open general’s spot, temporarily) lead the Winter Kingdom army across the narrow ice bridge to begin their assault. This is where I got what I had been asking for for about four episodes now, combat. The Winter army and the Ice General’s forces collide and we got to see a good old-fashioned swords, spears and shields rumble on the bridge. The humans force their way across and force the demons back into their stronghold. An extended siege seems to be the next logical step, as the humans barely have more soldiers than the demons. Leaving both forces unable to do much of anything. That is when Hero appeared, and things began to move forward, because this is anime. And no one wants to see an extended siege. He arrives just before the Winter Army gets their surprise reinforcements from the Gate City. Turns out that Hero and his demon assistance managed to scare the human occupants out . And as an excuse, the cowardly and mentally worn out commander left some reasonable dude in charge of the city. Now the city is moving towards a unity demon and human government.

Back to the battle, the demons seeing the reinforcements attempted one last, ill advised attack. It was an attempt to catch the united armies off guard. This move was led by the Ice General himself, who falls to the Knight in decent battle. I think it was a very nice scene at the end of the battle seeing the demon army completely defeated, and ice bridge stained pink with blood. We were allowed to see a scene where it appears Demon King is sad, by the fact that she led so many of her kind to death. I’d put that scene along with the scene last episode where Hero and Demon King danced together in the moonlight, as the best scenes so far in this series.

In the end, we were treated to a large celebration of the victory led by the Winter King, and featuring a very ravishing Knight and Demon King in their nicest formal wear. Old Man and Hero also found a quiet moment to talk. And I’m glad for it, because it was a very illuminating conversation.

The Old Man mentioned some of Hero’s past and how his power had isolated him from humanity. Which I think was a giant step forward for understanding Hero’s character. We haven’t been allowed much access to his personality, or skills. So we have not had much access to his past either. Hero is given the framework to be an amazing character, but we’re not given enough information up to this point to fill him in as a complete character. Maybe with Old Man’s invitation for him to stay in the Winter Kingdom, he’ll be forced to stick around for a bit, and we’ll get a chance to actually know him better.

I’m interested to see what the repercussions of this episode will be now. In one episode, territories have completely switched hands. There has been a lot of blood shed, too, something I wasn’t expecting Demon King to have as direct a hand in as she did. Her Demon brethren can’t be happy about this. And it’s about time we saw the Demon side of things.

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