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OreShura ep7: let the Royal Rumble begin!

Episode 6

I really, really need to stop getting roped into these harem anime.  But then again, how many stories would last half as long as they do if you cut out the miscommunications and complications?  The more I watch this show, the more I realize it’s like a Pokemon that’s evolving.  It starts off all cute and simple, but nothing stays cute and simple once it evolves.  OreShura is turning into an anime that will drag Eita from one bloated, scatter-brained situation to another.  And I doubt how he’ll ever get out.

I expected episode 7 to pick up where it left off, with the aggressive hall monitor Ai giving the club its notice of disbandment.  But instead it started with a flustered Eita waking up next to a naked Hime in the school’s infirmary.  Oh harem antics, will you ever tire of these improbable (and in real live, damning) situations?  And of course, as soon as he woke up Chiwa and Masuzu were threatening to break down the door.  It really feels at times like Eita is literally being picked up by hand and placed in these situations, like some sort of challenge.  Though I have to give credit to Hime for trying to save Eita by being a distraction.  Her and his pathetic attempt to hide the loser would have failed though if that Ai chick hadn’t shown up again to distribute useless, hall justice.  And this brings us to the crux of the episode.  Somehow the convo got around to whether Ai is hounding them because she’s jealous of the club and can’t get a man.  Well, she decided to boldly, and clearly lie about that, and it soon became Eita’s problem.

Masuzu wasn’t happy about her club being shut down, so when she discovers that she’s going to the same summer college prep classes that Eita attends, she tasks him with proving the non-existence of Ai’s boyfriend.  Meanwhile, Eita found himself in the middle of an adorable, but still very awkward three way conversation that involved him, his best friend (that maybe doesn’t want to get in his pants), Kaoru and the annoying and confirmed tsundere, Ai.  Kaoru and Ai are childhood friends.  And despite the fact that it’s clearly advertised that Eita is in a relationship with Masuzu, Kaoru is actively trying to get Ai and Eita hooked up.  And this fact stops all other trains of thought that I may have regarding this series.  It’s clear that Kaoru knows about the relationship and doesn’t care.  Ai should know about the relationship and doesn’t care.  How crappy and transparent is the relationship between Eita and Masuzu?!  I don’t bat an eye at Chiwa attempting to disregard the relationship.  She’s basically been waiting at Eita’s doorstep, hoping and believing that she’ll get that girlfriend title.  And then Masuzu just walks in and literally takes it.  and she really doesn’t even want or respect that title.  There has to be some bitterness there.  Hime’s relationship with Eita just some cute, but weird stalker type of thing.  And now Ai is attempting to throw her hat in the ring.  GEEZ!  Eita’s like the Royal Rumble, and everyone wants a shot at that title!

Before I get completely off base though, everything did come to a proper, harem-esque peak when at and afternoon dinner get-together, Kaoru attempted to get Ai to declare her feelings to Eita.  Well, he at least hoped she’d clear up the lie she told about having an American boyfriend.  But that’s all shot when not only Chiwa, but Hime shows up to see what everyone was doing.  This backed Ai into a corner, and not only did she not back down and correct her mistake; she embellishes strongly and gives all sorts of false information about her false relationship.  This screwed all sorts of stuff up.  Ai killed her chances of confessing her feelings to Eita.  And Masuzu failed to get the information she wanted because her interference will undoubtedly push Ai closer to the group.  Ai is still going to be hovering around Eita now.  The situation hasn’t changed a bit.  I’m also starting to wonder about Kaoru’s intentions.  I know my theory is highly unlikely, because gay characters aren’t just thrown into the fray very often.  And if they are, they’re literally a joke.  But I’m starting to get the feeling that Kaoru likes Eita, too.  Just call it a weird hunch.  I’ve been told that my gaydar works perfectly fine, I just don’t want to believe the results.  I wonder if that’s true now…

Overall, this was a surprisingly cute and entertaining episode.  I was afraid the shenanigans and Ai’s character in general would turn me off to this episode, but that wasn’t the case at all.  Plus, I was very grateful that the episode spent very little time on the fantasy world/past life bullcrap it likes to swim in so often.  Usually that’s coupled with those super dramatic and embarrassing scenes that OreShura loves so much.  I’m thankful for the slight change of pace.

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