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#GundamAGE ep24: to live like a man and die like a dog. #anime

What the hell is this?! Asemu doesn’t get much of a break does he?  And I can’t for the life of me understand Zeheart’s thinking.  Either you view him properly as an enemy or you don’t.  Don’t try to romance his weakness and then hesitate to end his life.  Though I will say I like one thing, Gundam AGE is bitter as hell. And it doesn’t have much of a use for old men.

Asemu is still cooling off (or fuming) in the brig when Arisa shows up to give him a meal.  Maybe she does have a bit of a crush on him.  It doesn’t matter in this situation though.  She just seems like a good friend and squadmate by bringing him some food.  We’ll just ignore her little playful attempts to feed him.

Asemu is let out soon after and he decides to go for a walk.  And who do we see but Zeheart.  I guess he came to square off with Asemu and see if he can convince him to go back to civilian life. It proves to be the most inflamatory thing he could do.  And shows again why I’m not a fan of him in a command role.

After Asemu flatly refuses Zeheart’s suggestions to put down his Gundam and go home, Zeheart whips out a gun. I guess a poorly planned, half-hearted attempt to solve his personal problem once and for all.  For better or worse, Romary shows up and focuses pretty much all of her attention on Zeheart.  It’s a pretty bitter moment for Asemu, you can clearly see it on his face.  But he does manage to use her interference to wrestle the gun away from Zeheart and attempt to take him prisoner.  Romary then continues to get in the way by blocking Asemu’s line of sight, allowing Zeheart to get away into a VERY conveniently placed mobile suit.  Seriously?  Seriously!?  Why the hell is Romary in the military again?  She’s taken on the Emily role hard.  And this time its less acceptable because she’s not on the ship as a matter of circumstance.

Regardless, this leads to a surprisingly intense space battle outside the colony.  As Zeheart flees, his “Newtype” squad shows up to meet Asemu and Woolf’s squad, even Flit pops into the AGE-1 to join in!  Flit seems quite impressed by Zeheart’s abilities, but they don’t have long to dance with each other before more reinforcements from the Vagan side pop in.  This gives the show the convenient excuse to debut the Double Bullet armor set. And it comes with a nice surprise for the Vagan Newtypes.  Asemu simultaneously blocks attacks from each side of him, and then uses the shoulder units’ beam saber to kill them.  It doesn’t take long for the Double Bullet to wreck the battle field.  For someone who’s supposedly not a Newtype, he’s pretty damn adept at the AGE-2’s operation.  I still think it’s an awesome idea to not give him special powers.  I find him more impressive when he handles a situation like that.

After the battle Flit waits at the bar he previously met the newly released Grodek for the special information he was promised.  I should’ve known the moment we saw the combination of somebody waiting for something, the lack of music, and the rain that there was gonna be some tragedy.  Just a block or two away from the bar Grodek cuts through some dark alley (why?!) and is stabbed by the little Vagan kid whose father he killed all those years ago.  What a sad fate for both of them.  Obviously that kid didn’t amount to anything, being some hired punk to kill Grodek, and then getting immediately murdered himself.  And Grodek who is fresh out of jail when he gets shanked.  Oh the irony; the damned, damned irony of that shanking.  Flit finally finds his corpse in the alley and we get the predictable but hearfelt moment of him mourning his dear old friend and soul mate.  This is gonna hurt.  I just hope it doesn’t negatively affect a great character like Flit.  I’m decidedly in the “Flit, don’t be evil” camp.

I found it interesting that Desil didn’t pop into that battle, I guess the engineers really were still pounding away at unlocking his mobile suit’s full potential.  I expect him to be a beast when he comes back into battle.  He’ll be gunning for Flit full force no doubt.  It’s even more interesting, though not surprising, that there are Vagan spies and sympathizers in the Federation forces.  It’s not like they really look different from anyone else.  This will complicate things, and may be how the Vagan forces break through the wall that is Flit and Big Ring.  I’m looking forward to next episode, where we may see Asemu – Cyber Newtype?
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