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#BodaciousSpacePirates ep12: this is where babies come from (no not really). #anime

Leisurely.  That’s pretty much how this episode came across to me.  The word deceptive also comes to mind.  All the intensity and build is well scripted, but when we finally get to the end of this episode.  The end of this arc. Does the show deliver, or are we left holding something we weren’t expecting?

The crew of the Bentenmaru got to work fast.  I thought they’d take a bit longer to get settled after apparently ditching the Serenity royal forces.  But I was wrong twice.  Somehow the Serenity flagship was able to tag along, and we get this nice little race to whatever it is that’s this ship’s ultimate treasure.

I enjoyed the bit of convesation that was going on between Marika and Princess Gruier (since there’s another Princess Serenity in the story now, I have to be more specific), though I think the royal family worship in this show goes a bit far (I’m no monarchist obviously).  But I guess the future is the future.  Who knows, perhaps my democratic leanings will seem strange and draconian in the future.

One thing I can’t argue with though is the importance of cyborgs in the future, and especially in space.  Not only doesn’t he need a spacesuit and air, but he can open large heavy doors when sh*t doesn’t go right.  If I handed out MVP awards for single episodes (or awards ever), then the cyborg gets the trophy for this episode of Bodacious Space Pirates.

The inside of the galactic ghost ship looked like much more than just the inside of a large vessel.  It apparently housed a city, along with all its cryogenic storage facilities.  It’s weird seeing all those creatures perfectly preserved for eternity like that.  A bit creepy if you ask me, too.

In the end, what we find is machine designed for some sort of gene therapy and artificial birth, an artificial womb. It sure is pretty.  Though the fact that the royal family was born from this machine brings up more questions than it answers.  How desperate were things back then?  Who came up with this idea and why?

It turns out to all be a ruse of sorts though.  Turns out Marika had worked something out with the butler and maid Princess Gruier knew several episodes ago.  And all this tension was for not.  Pretty clever on Marika’s part, but man did it deflate some of my enthusiasm for the conflict.  If Gundam could be resolved this logically and earnestly, then the shows would only be about three to five episodes long.  Oh well, I’ll be looking forward to the next arc and set of problems, whatever they may be.  It really does feel like a large portion of the world is still hidden from us, and I hope Marika’s honed skills are going to be put to more of a test soon, tool.
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