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Gundam AGE ep48: to meet your makers and live up to your predecessors. You are a failure, Zeheart Gallette.

September 17, 2012 1 comment

This show has plowed through its funk.  Though much like the character mentioned in the title of this post, it did it at great sacrifice.  This episode tossed about a half dozen named characters out the window.  Major ones.  And now it’s left with the bear essentials.  The Asuno family, the cursed treasure and two broken worlds. Read more…

#GundamAGE ep24: to live like a man and die like a dog. #anime

March 26, 2012 1 comment

What the hell is this?! Asemu doesn’t get much of a break does he?  And I can’t for the life of me understand Zeheart’s thinking.  Either you view him properly as an enemy or you don’t.  Don’t try to romance his weakness and then hesitate to end his life.  Though I will say I like one thing, Gundam AGE is bitter as hell. And it doesn’t have much of a use for old men. Read more…

#GundamAGE ep22: Flit has put so many previous Gundam protagonists to shame, that Tomino should feel ashamed of himself. #anime

I don’t know whether to be more impressed by Flit, or by the Federation forces’ overall competence. This also once again allows me to say that despite Zeheart’s sexy quotient and first-rate X-Rou– Newtype skills, he’s still a terrible commander. He’s no Char or Athrun in that department. But most of all it allows me to say that Gundam AGE is a very entertaining show. There’s a special kind of payoff you get from this type of narrative.

And that’s the enjoyment (artificial or not) of seeing characters progress over a long period of time. And the additional joy of seeing various relationships evolve, devolve and permeate. Read more…

#GundamAGE ep21: Woolf is on the fast track to being the best sempai ever. #anime

March 4, 2012 1 comment

There are plenty of ways to deal with your feelings towards a problem.  There’s only one true way to deal with the problem itself. That appears to be what Asemu’s learning to master as of this episode of Gundam AGE. You could easily pin the guy (can’t say he’s a kid, despite his character design he is an adult) with the spoiled, entitled brat label. But you’d only be showing how much of an ignorant hate you are. The only thing Asemu has lacked so far was
focus. True focus on a goal. He doesn’t lack it now. Read more…

#GundamAGE ep20: Zeheart is still an awesome pilot, and a terrible commander. #anime

February 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Well that was a fun episode. I would hardly say much moved forward.  It was more a case of more possibilities and options being put on the table. It’s an episode seasoned with some good Gundam-style space acrtion and sprinkled with a bit of the show’s penchant for terrible tactics and strategies.  I suppose that’s something I’ve learned to accept. Read more…

#GundamAGE ep19: the AGE military is a close knit family… literally! #anime

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I’m seriously starting to wonder about the population of the AGE universe. Or maybe it’s just a matter of talented people coming together. Or maybe it’s a matter of the Federation Forces higher ups orchestrating this tight knit group of relatives and close friends.  The Asuno family has its finger prints all over this ship. The Gunhale family has two generations stalking the decks. High school friends are on the same ship. The Diva’s captain and mobile suit commander are intimately acquainted, as well. You’d think there’d be a lot of hanky panky and barbecues. But no, this is anime, and more specifically Gundam, there’s gonna be more than a few coincidences. Read more…

Gundam AGE ep17: this love triangle is progressing rather quickly, AGE has never been a slow paced show though.

February 6, 2012 Leave a comment


Zeheart seems to be falling for Romary rather quickly.  The show is taking the old school approach to making someone a romantic interest: save the lady’s life in a fancy manner.  The manner?  Mid-air intercept of errant wrench, protecting the lady’s health and beauty.  *thumbs up* I found it a little cliche, but it got the job done. Read more…

Gundam AGE ep16: not a bad start. Asemu’s more well-adjusted than I expected.

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Flit has a simmering and focused hatred. Emily is as forgettable as ever. Vargas is still old and fat, matter of fact he’s older and fatter (uh duh!). And I could have sworn that was Largan in that antique mobile suit. Or whoever that guy is inside, he has Largan’s luck. But the second “age” isn’t gonna be about these guys, so let’s move on. Read more…

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