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Check-in Station: Hajime no Ippo: Rising ep1 (children of the seas)

I can’t imagine anyone more excited to see this series than me, aside from the staff that actually worked on the production. And this first episode did not disappoint at all. While I was a bit taken back at the downer that was the first half of this episode, everything was still done well, and quickly. No drawn out pacing issues and delaying so far in this series. And while I was a bit surprised at how quickly the Shimabakuro fight kicked in, I’m still glad that the first episode showed what this series is all about.

Seeing Makunoichi’s family all together as a family at the beginning of the episode was a really nice emotional moment for me.  I’ve been following the manga for so long, that I’d forgotten about this particular part of the story.  In these scenes, we see he’s just as earnest and stubborn as ever.  And it was really rough seeing his mother and him struggle with such a major death.  On the flip side, I’ve waited so long to see that moment where his dad finally makes it back to him.  And to see things finally turn around and see his mother take up fishing in her dead spouses stead was a great moment.  It’s a great primer for what I believe will be the next major flashback in this show, the flashback showing Coach Kamogawa’s post World War II boxing days.  Oh those Americans, they’re so evil in that arc!

The Shimabakuro fight represents a look inward for Makunoichi. This first episode showed his origins, and what he’s all about when it comes to boxing. He’s not a smart or terribly insightful boxer, and he’s not necessarily talented either. Though it could be said that he has a talent for training, he’s gifted with natural strength, and he’s got determination that is hard break down. Shimabakuro will test all those “talents” in this fight. There’s just so much to compare these two. They’re both the sons of fishermen, with deep ties to the sea. They’re both gifted with incredible strength and durability. They have almost mirror-like boxing styles to boot. So if he wins this match, he will truly be the best there is at what he does – at least in Japan.

There’s so much more to look forward to after this, the pressers for this show, as well as its own OP animation leave nothing to the imagination.  And that’s fine by me.  All this stuff is a treat for us manga readers, and I’m sure many of us would rather just know what we’re getting, rather than having to worry and speculate about what this show is going to cover.  And as for people new to this series, what have you been waiting for?!  Sure watch a few of these episodes, or even the entire series along with us if you want, but please check out the other two shows and the OVAs as well.  There’s great action and drama to be had all over this series!

Note: I may or may not be blogging this show episodically.  Can’t make up my mind just yet.  I may just do check-in posts for chunks of the show, like I’ve done for other shounen battle manga properties.  I’m planning on watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in earnest soon.  And I’m still following Hunter X Hunter in great excitement, though I prefer to watch it in 4 – 8 episode spurts, anyone whose followed a shounen battle anime week to week can understand why I do this.  So I’m still gonna be juggling my options for a moment while I continue to try out new Fall 2013 anime, and close out the few remaining Summer anime (what a fun season) in the next week or two.

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