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Check-in Station: KILL LA KILL ep1 (this is so good I’m embarrassed, or is it that outfit?)

KILL LA KILL ep1 is AWESOME! I’m getting a very hype, very feel-good mix of GURREN LAGANN, Tenjou Tenghe and every revenge story ever told. It isn’t about the story, it’s about the emotions. The pure excitement that came from watching this episode. I can’t hold it in anymore-! AAAAAH!

Our story begins calmy enough as- NOPE!  We get thirty seconds of that b*llsh*t before a door is kicked in and massive destruction ensues!  And this is just so the school enforcer can tell everyone that somebody stole one of the school’s precious Ultima Uniforms.  Apparently, they’ve nailed the scumbag to the classroom shown, and it doesn’t appear that was a mistake as the poor sap tosses a smoke bomb and flees the scene at top pace!  It’s a waste of course because the school enforcer (whose name I actually can’t remember because the show kept SCREAMING it at me) has already jumped right off the building and is waiting for him at the exit.  The scene was pretty damn hilarious because as the student is running down the stairs, we actually see the school enforcer falling and laughing at each subsequent floor.  The school enforcer encouraged the thief to put on his stolen uniform, and the kid does.  He attempts to fight back, but soon learns that his pitiful one-star uniform is no match for the enforcer’s three-star one.  He’s beaten within an inch of his life and hung outside the entrance of this massive and ridiculous school as an example.


Whoops I was so impressed that I forgot to mention some important things like, the school’s name is Honnouji Academy, it has a principal, but the place is actually lead by a super stern looking woman (I refuse to call something like that a girl) who is the daugther of the president of the school’s board, named Lady Kiryuuin Satsuki.  And she leads a student council full of these Ultima Uniform wearing brutes.  I know there’s a show that titles itself the “Best Student Council”, but these guys would totally murder them.  And I literally mean murder!

We also see that Honnouji Academy sits at the absolute summit of a massive, mountain-like city, whose structure greatly reminds me of the Seireitei in Bleach (rich people live in the center, at the top; poor people live farther down on the outskirts).  And even further past that, we see what may be the hero of our story, Ryuuko Matoi.  She’s a stern looking one.  Not as stern as the president of the student council, but she really appears to mean business.

She enters the city form the outskirts and some little brat immediately tries to rob her.  When he fails, he calls in his little punk friends and Ryuuko immediately beats them all.  They apologize and the scene appears to move on until a girl from Honnouji Academy shows up and starts kicking the little boy’s ass for trying to rob people (again).  She’s his older sister, and her name is – oh wait!  We don’t get her name yet!  She’s run off to make it to school on time.  Wasn’t she the same girl who was sleeping at the beginning of the episode?  She’s got a lot more energy now for some reason.

At the school, OF COURSE Ryuuko is introduced as the transfer student.  What would an anime be without transfer students?  Not very anime, that’s what!  *ahem*  Anyway, it turns out that the girl that she saw in the city is actually her classmate, and sits right next to her in class now.  Her name’s Mankanshoku Mako, and will be known as Mako from now on because I’ll never remember that last name.  She’s also a manic personality, and spastic as hell!  Seeing them interact after class reminded me very much of the dynamic between the two main characters from Kill Me Baby!  

As school let’s out and everyone lines up to address the student council, Ryuuko asks Mako who’s the biggest big shot  in the school.  A classic question that usually means there’s going to be a fight in a moment.  Mako explains to her that the people exiting right now are the Four Devas of the student council, the strongest there.  And that everyone in the school is ranked by stars, from three to zero, and that that displays the strength of their uniforms.  Ultima Uniforms, clothes that have the ability to give humans super powers.  And that these uniforms are distributed by Lady Kiryuuin Satsuki, at her discretion.  This tips off Ryuuko and she immediately confronts the student council president.

Ryuuko pulls out the thing she’s been carrying in the case on her back this entire time (it sure wasn’t a guitar), a half pair of giant red scissors.  She asks the student council president if she’s seen this scissor before.  And Lady Kiryuuin Satsuki’s reaction gives her the impression that she has the other half.  She immediately attacks, only to be harshly repelled by one of her goons, a two-star thug, and captain of the boxing club, Takaharu Fukuroda.  Ryuuko tries to resist, but she’s beaten to a bloody pulp, and only escapes by stealing a poor old delivery man’s scooter.

In the aftermath, we see the four devas and Lady Satsuki talking about the incident in a private conference room, while Takaharu is being punished.  And through them, we learn that Ryuuko has been going from school to school starting fights, apparently in the process of her search.  Takaharu is given the task to retrieve Ryuuko and the other scissor, or lose his precious uniform.

When then see Ryuuko in the rain at her broken husk of a former home.  she’s crying and upset at her loss, that came when she was so close to achieving her goal.  Apparently, her father had a lot to do with that pair of scissors that she so desperately seeks to unite, but he’s dead and gone.  In the distance though, we see the school teacher from her class.  He slicks his hair back and suddenly becomes a dangerous looking bishounen (Aizen-style), and presses a button that opens the ground beneath her, dumping her deep into a basement she had no knowledge of.

This is where things get really creepy.  During the fall, she cuts herself and the wound bleeds into a what appears to be a pile of clothing in the bottom of the basement.  Her blood awakens something.  Something… rapey!  A sailor uniform with giant creepy Beastman eyes leaps out and grabs her!  It begs – it demands to be put onto her body and refuses to let go!  She’s soon wrestled to the ground and the uniform forces itself upon her!  (It may have punched her a few times from the sound of it, too.)

Back at Honnouji Academy, Mako has been strung up (upside down for some stupid reason) and put on display by Takaharu.  He plasts his ultimatum to Ryuuko over the air, demanding she turn herself and the scissor in, or Mako will be boiled alive!  And he means it, too!  That quickly fried shrimp can attest to it.  Ryuuko shows up of course and saves her friend, and then wastes no time getting her payback on Takaharu.

Ryuuko is wearing a cloak when she rescues Mako, but as Takaharu unleashes his attack on her, it’s completely blown away, exposing her-  Exposing-  She’s pretty damned exposed  guys!  Her battle outfit is a a combination of the skimpiest sailor uniform ever, and a slingshot bikini!  I’m a total perv and even I was embarrassed looking at this!  Thank goodness for the rapid scene transitions and editing in this episode!!

Despite Takaharu’s best efforts, he’s quickly, decisively defeated by Ryuuko.  It seems that Lady Satsuki is intrigued now.

End of episode.

I am not disappointed.  Greater than I had hoped.  More spastic and crazy than I had feared.  Kill la Kill is looking to be everything I like about the most hyped up shows on my favorites list.  It’s entertaining without giving a sh*t about anything else, but it still has enough control to still try and tell at least a barebones story while its impressing you with its animation and the passion behind it.  And I can already tell where the plot is leaning.  While the circumstances behind why the scissor was stolen are still unclear, it appears that that item may have been used to make the Ultima Uniforms that the Honnouji Academy elite are using.  When Ryuuko demolishes Takaharu’s uniform, we see a single glowing thread make its way back to Ryuuko’s ridiculous outfit.  This still leaves a world of questions, like is that sailor uniform alive, and are there more like it?  And is that thing the original piece of cloth that was used to make the uniforms?  I also wonder (I’m making a slight leap in deduction) if when Lady Satsuki stole the scissor she thought she was doing it for some greater good?  After all, despite her extremely stern and disciplined look that screams “order” from every direction, I could see her being the type of person who would do anything to maintain order and achieve power for those ends.  This is certainly an interesting idea.

Anyone who knows the pedigree behind this show would expect high energy and crazy action, and that’s exactly what they got!  Watching this was just plain FUN!  I was really worried that if I tried to blog this show, this post would just be me screaming, “AAAAAAAAAH!”  all over the page.  But there is a little to work with and talk about.

I think this first episode was done excellently.  It’s exactly the kind energy that made me love FLCL, GURREN LAGANN and Panty & Stocking.  I kinda mistook Ryuuko for a boy when she first appeared (thank goodness for the skirt), she has a very serious look about her, yet I’m not surprised at all to see that maniacal look on her face when she goes into battle.  And Mako is there seemingly to completely counteract her energy with her crazy, spastic antics.  At this point, I’d dare say that Mako is the pet/mascot of the show.  All she has to do is say, “meow” a few times to convince me.  And I get the feeling that perhaps Lady Satsuki, who is an impressively intimidating character, may have a lot in common with Ryuuko by the end of this show.  And by that, I mean they both probably have extremely hot blood running through them.

OH and I suppose I can’t forget about Ira Gamagoori.  He’s pretty much the introduction of this show’s attitude to the audience.  And was really a standout personality through the first half of the episode.  I can easily say that I’m going to be looking forward to more scenes with him.

Overall, a stunning success of a first episode in my book.  I will definitely be watching this show, not just for the first five episodes, but for the entire duration of its run.  I just hope this show isn’t so crazy that it completely goes off the rails and I can’t follow or comprehend it anymore.

  1. October 5, 2013 at 02:23

    YES. Yes yes yes. After that opening episode, I have a hard time believing that any other new show of the autumn line-up could possibly top it. It’s been years since I’ve seen a first anime episode that had such impact, not to mention pure funk. It’s not even my usual style, but I loved every minute of it! Pure, unadulterated fun.

  2. October 6, 2013 at 08:40

    I’ll do some cross commenting/likes as well. This first episode reminded me of what I liked about TTGL, and the old Gainax. The animation, the villains, the heroes. It’s all (potentially) there. We have our Boota in Mako, but now where’s our Kamina? Maybe the teacher?.

  1. October 12, 2013 at 13:57

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