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AniFriday Issue #25 – Autumn Manga Special pt1: Hajime no Ippo

October 29, 2014 Leave a comment

It’s been quite a while since I last talked about Hajime no Ippo in length.  And quite happening to be revisiting a discussion about this series in chunks.  It allows for a clearer, elongated perspective where I get to notice trends and not get so distracted by the moment to moment set ups of each chapter.  This post will be covering the final chapters of Ippo’s fight with Alredo Gonzales, the current #1 contender for the flyweight championship of the world, and the only man standing between Ippo and his ultimate goal of the world champ, Ricardo Martinez.  However, I’ll be talking about this fight as a whole at the end, from chapter 1030 to 1071.

I’m so hyped for Ippo!  God, I love this manga! Read more…

Check-in Station: Hajime no Ippo: Rising ep1 (children of the seas)

I can’t imagine anyone more excited to see this series than me, aside from the staff that actually worked on the production. And this first episode did not disappoint at all. While I was a bit taken back at the downer that was the first half of this episode, everything was still done well, and quickly. No drawn out pacing issues and delaying so far in this series. And while I was a bit surprised at how quickly the Shimabakuro fight kicked in, I’m still glad that the first episode showed what this series is all about. Read more…

The bestest of news!


As some reading may know, I’m a huge fan of Hajime no Ippo. I’d put it up there with Gundam when it comes to the obsessive amount of attention and love I pay this franchise. And I’ve recently gotten word (yes, I’m quite late, by one or two weeks) that a 3rd series is being produced for the franchise, scheduled to air this Fall! I couldn’t be happier and fully plan to cover this show.

The highlight this time around will likely be the counter-heavy Sawamura vs. Ippo fight.  And even without the major events, there are great little stories and fights and Morikawa’s trademark, juvenile humour to look forward to as well.  I’m going to do a little remedial reading to see what exactly this third season will cover. I believe this upcoming season will deal heavily with the Dempsey Roll and its glaring weaknesses. Starting with Shimabakuro’s attack on it. I would really, really like to see the Miyata vs. Randy Boy Jr. match, and the Woli vs. Ippo match, but but of those are unlikely. Those major events lead right up to the Class A tournament, Volg’s world championship match and Ippo’s Big Decision.  All of which has just been covered in the manga. So I suspect that stuff would be ripe material for a fourth TV series, but that is gross speculation right now.

The main point is that Ippo is coming, and I am ready!  The Fall season can’t come soon enough!

Further Reading:

Check-in Station: Hajime no Ippo ch1009 (the road to the world title begins here)

I wouldn’t say it was done easily, but Sendo crushed Ippo in their spar.  Even in terms of mere psychology, it’s huge! I don’t blame the old man for being pissed.  Ippo has to be smarter than that.  Though I found it hilarious how the coach was more pissed that Ippo lost than anything.

The real news is that Ippo is giving up his Japanese title.  It’s the hugest moment of all because he’s leaving national level boxing behind forever.  His sole goal is the World Title.

This opens up things across the board. And gives the mangaka a lot to play with for the story.  Manabu Itagaki is finally free to take that title he could try for because Ippo owned it.  While Ippo is now able to challenge not just pacific league fodder, but actual world class talent.  The kind of talent that unfortunately left him unconscious in a spar…

I wonder what Takamura meant by stating that Ippo had gotten weaker.  He’s as usual worried about something we can’t see.  And considering that he’s a multiple time world champion, not just a buffoon, I think it’s important that someone pays attention to him.

This is a whole world opening up to Ippo now.  Watching are world champions Volg and Takamura, rivals like Miyata and Sendo; and the god-like “super champ”, Ricardo Martinez waiting at the summit.  I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.  Let’s hurry up and make it official.

#HajimenoIppo ch981: this is the most hypest non-fighting chapter ever! #manga

So it’s finally all lined up!  Ippo’s road to the championship!  It’s a lot shorter than I had imagined.  First then second ranked in the world… and then maybe the first, or even Ricardo himself.  I can’t blame Ippo for being a little – no, a lot of scared (horrible grammar, I know). Last time they even scrimmaged, Ricardo knocked him out on his feet.  And Ippo hasn’t really demolished his competition in a way that impresses anybody on the outside.  So I can understand the need to prove himself a bit.

This Gonzalez guy seems to be a gatekeeper.  Having lost to Ricardo twice, his career is basically over with a third loss, and he’s probably taking a big gamble fighting the seventh ranked, in Ippo.  Then again, he may not even respect Ippo as a boxer and could see this as a way to bide his time until his last shot at Ricardo.

All this information just sorta surprised me, it didn’t shock me.  What shocked me was the stunner that Vorg is the first ranked contender in the division just above Ippo’s.  I knew he was good, but damn!  This likely means that the next big fight we see will be Vorg in his title shot.  Vorg has never been a boring boxer.  Morikawa has given us a hell of a surprise with this one. I suppose the only thing I’m left wanting is to find out what Ippo’s one true rival is doing next.
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Check-in Station: Hajime no Ippo ch398 – 900+ (Going the distance)

March 29, 2011 12 comments

Hajime no Ippo isn’t what I’d call one of my core series.   For me, a core series is one that got you started on anime or heavily influenced your tastes and expectations of what the medium had to offer.  Dragonball Z for example is a core series because it is the genesis of my obsession with anime.   Trigun is a core series because it raised my expectations early on as to what a good hearfelt, intense story could bring.  The same applies to Cowboy Bebop.  The difference now is that Hajime no Ippo has come along far too late in my anime viewing life for me to put it in that coveted spot.   But I’m sure if I had gotten a chance to read the manga ten or twelve years ago, it would have been one of the most influential things I’ve ever watched. Read more…

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