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Majestic Prince ep12: milk and honey makes friendships sticky and sweet

Well that was a nice fun romp. I was honestly worried that this was going to turn into mindless filler episode (though I’m not sure the word filler applies here). But episode twelve actually succeeded at being an interesting and entertaining source of character development.

I’m gonna skip any sort of synopsis for this episode as I feel it’s much less necessary for this entry. I’ll just discuss what I liked.

This episode felt like a chance for not only the team, but the animators to relax a little. You got to see a lot of wackier than normal animation, and you really got a chance to see the characters decompress. And while the episode featured all five of the members of Team Rabbits, it seemed clear that Kai and Tamaki were the stars, with Toshikazu also getting a special role, too.

I will say that Tamaki has easily been my least favorite member of the team, though she’s far from the most annoying character in the series, but here we got to see her personality be put to good use outside of a combat situation. She was a natural at the innumerable public appearances, and seemed to pep up the situations quite a bit when Kei was very hesitant to get into any of this. But the two of them ended up being a good complement to each other, with Kei somewhat grounding the whole experience and keeping Tamaki company. They really seemed to make an interesting little team, at least for this short amount of time. I believe they have a genuine friendship now.

Toshikazu was stuck on a date with the youngest mechanic, the daughter, in his team. Let’s not get too excited though, there’s no shipping, she’s like nine years old at most. That didn’t stop her grandpa from making plans though… Grandparents can sure get creepy when they want them grandkids. And again, through this Toshikazu had formed a sincere bond with his mechanics. I just hope they don’t use this built up love and bonding to murder the girl old school Ideon-style later…

Then there were the weirder members of the team, Izuru and Ataru. For most of the episode, these two were just doing their own thing privately, until they slowly joined or were joined by their maintenance crews. Izuru painstakingly putting together his manga brought back memories of Bakuman (the good parts). He then seems to want to go downstairs and show his comrades, but instead he just seems to sit down at a distance watch them contently. Meanwhile, Ataru spends most of his time in this episode staring into space, and is eventually joined by his brawny crew of jocks to witness some spectacle. I was expecting them to see a comet or something, but at the end of the episode, what we see is some ship apparently coming into dock. And with the next episode possibly giving him some focus, maybe we’ll learn what’s inside.

Overall, this was much more entertaining than I was expecting, with my favorite parts being their manager’s attempt to get Kei and Tamaki to a surprise engagement on time, and Toshikazu letting his littlest crew member keep the grown up dress she wanted so badly. She really does have the cutest little crush on him.

Majestic Prince, what a pleasant series.

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