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Majestic Prince ep11: life isn’t all pretty boys and penises.

With an enemy ship now crashed on Mars, the Fail Five is now tasked with a mission of great importance. A mission that requires stealth, and precision and timing, so you know somehow this mission is gonna go totally to sh*t, right?

The set up is this; a Wulgaru ship has crash landed on Mars, and is not only in danger of falling into a massive chasm, but is rapidly deteriorating with all of its valuable information inside. The team is tasked with getting in their quickly without being detected, and before the ship collapses into nothingness, or falls into nothingness. So everyone is quickly prepped and sent on their way. Though before the mission, Tamaki is given some digital media with mission intel on it. It’s here that we notice the bridge bunnies (especially Gulliano) flattering her aggressively. As we learn from one of the pretty scientists as Team Rabbits departs for their mission, it seems that pilot performance and their harmony with their units is affected positively by mental status. This may help or backfire later.

Once at Mars, they quickly find the ship, but are also quickly met with resistance from that ship. And to the team’s astonishment the enemy is flying and fighting like crap. Ataru is easily picking them apart. With Tamaki and Ataru acting as a distraction, Izuru and Toshikazu sneak in, and then unload Princess Teoria’s butler Daneel. He’ll be their guid through the ship. I liked his little mech, it reminded me of the petit mobiles I’ve seen in early Gundam series.

Inside the ship, Izuru and Toshikazu take notice of its organic nature. Daneel states that that is because the ship is actually comprised of organic parts, in a sense it was or is alive. Izuru comes across an enemy mech by surprise, but hesitates to fire, because he starts thinking of Prince Jiart’s human form. Luckily for him, the mech just falls apart. This brings us to the very important subject of the soldiers of the Wulgaru forces.

Daneel explains that they’re all will-less clones of great soldiers from the past. In a way they’re just organic robots who blindly follow orders. And I suppose because of their genetic defects, they tend to deteriorate just like the ship is doing. So in the case of these soldiers, when the ship was broken and couldn’t be fixed, they were left behind without a moment’s hesitation, like broken equipment. It’s a very cold way to treat something that is alive, and one of the reasons Princess Teoria defected. But it’s also a sign of where the Wulgaru empire is, and how it works. It makes me wonder just how many actual, thinking Wulagaru are still alive? They’re not a huge force, and it seems most of them are clones.

With the storm on Mars slowly deteriorating the performance and endurance of the AHSMBs outside, and the alien ship falling apart around the team on the inside, the time table starts to rapidly move forward. The infiltration unit finds the bridge and escorts Daneel on foot to it. Once there, Daneel puts his hand on the center of the console and says he’ll begin memorizing the information. I get the distinct impression that he’s one of these cloned soldiers now. As he does this, the ship begins to rapidly break down and they actually have to protect him from falling debris. It’s only through the teamwork of their compatriots outside that they’re able to escape being buried alive.

With the treasure they needed secured, the team escapes back to HQ. Unfortunately, Tamaki’s hormonal high due to all that flirting has pushed her unit to the brink, and caused her unit to critically overheat. It’s actually gone into meltdown on the ship! Poor Tamaki is literally being cooked inside her own unit. It takes all the effort of her fat, 3-D girl hating otaku crew to prevent the machine from blowing up and killing them all. Let this be a lesson to you Tamaki, life isn’t all penises and pretty boys.

The episode ends with Commander Metalface wondering what kind of information they’ll find. It’s quite understandable that he’s hoping to find out where the hell the gate is that they came out of.

Not the most exciting and intense episode, but exciting and intense on a decent level nonetheless. The main takeaway of this episode is the comparison between the cloned Wulgaru soldiers and people like Team Rabbits. Obviously Toshikazu is one to look on the dark side of things, but Izuru is still so shaken up by his battle with Prince Jiart that he can’t muster any positivity this episode as a usual counter. Though what I take away most from this episode is just how bad the Wulgaru situation may actually be. It seems the majority of this force is this dying core of cloned soldiers. They are basically organic components to machines. If the cloned soldiers suffer from this genetic deterioration, how bad is it for the regular aliens with this DNA? How much more slowly could they be breaking down? And is all this really abated by simply stealing the DNA of their prey? I’ve always enjoyed how this series is able to subtlely present troubling questions and problems like these.

The other issue is the manipulation of Tamaki. I know it was done as not maliciously as possible, but the manipulation of her feelings is shady and almost got her cooked! The MJP has always straddled the line between nurturing and abusing their pilots, but this is dangerously close to falling off the fence. They can manage the pilots’ feeling all they want, but the moment they start manipulating them they’re treating them no better than the decomposing soldiers in that Wulgaru ship.

Well that’s it for now. There’s not much else to take away from this episode. There’s no forward progression of the love geometry, and we don’t get to see the fantastically foppish Prince Jiart (aside from a quick flashback) either. And to make matters worse, the next episode looks to be a crap character development/faffing about episode. I really do hope I’m wrong about that.

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