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Flowers of Evil ep11: that fevered nonsense was so deep!

Well that was weird, again.

Of course I was expecting some blow back, but instead we’re treated to more aftermath than anything.  That said, I’m glad some of the trauma was abbreviated, because the moping and the drama were just a chore to watch.  Maybe it’s the dad in me, but I really wanted to smack Kasuga in the head, not so much for his actions, but his piss-poor attitude.  The trouble is that not everything is spelled out for us.  I’m guessing that Kasuga wasn’t charged with anything, he’s out and about.  But the fact that Kasuga’s parents had to go to the parents of the Nakamura and Saeki shows that he may be getting most of the blame.  We know that Saeki followed them of her own volition, and Nakamura is the one that pushed him to run away, but that’s not how parents see things.  Oh well, it’s a different culture, with different customs.  It’s something I can ignore or be surprised by.  I had to roll my eyes though when I saw Kasuga’s mother freaking out and crying about her son, and the terrible nothingness that he’s committed.  It’s painfully obvious that Kasuga will not speak up for himself.

The pool scenes illustrate how things have and have not changed since that fateful, rain soaked night.  Saeki is still the forgiving, understanding angel that she is despite their lack of any sort of a relationship since then.  Hell, they even formally broke up.  It’s the most amicable thing I’ve ever seen.  And Nakamura is her usual obstinate, thorny self.  But Kasuga’s not the same.  He’s basically moping through the entire episode.  Then again, can you blame a dude who lost two women in one night?

This month long depression culminates in a beautifully rendered dream of Kasuga traversing a field of flowers of evil to see a lonely and hurt Nakamura.  The dream is vivid enough to make him come to a very reasonable conclusion.  Nakamura is the one that’s most needed and appreciated him.  And he decides to write his feelings on paper.  A fitting response considering he idolizes a poet, and often talks like him during narration.

There isn’t much to say about this episode on the surface.  It’s all very dream-like and serene.  And a lot of time passes during the episode’s event.  So this episode feels a lot like an attempt to bridge a gap.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing,  just that we are apparently very close to a significant part of the story.  Teenage boys writing heartfelt letters aren’t small things.  And usually they don’t have the results we plan for in our minds.  (It’s something I know personally.)  While at the very least, Kasuga appears to have moved on past his infatuation with Saeki and is embracing an honest infatuation with Nakamura, I worry he’s gonna have some weird blow back.  It’s honestly hard for me to pin down my thoughts on this episode aside from its point.  Where this show is going only the show and perhaps the manga readers know.  Then again, with the blow up over the character design and animation style, I”m not sure how many of them are still watching.

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  1. June 20, 2013 at 18:21

    With two episodes left I have no idea how this is going to end, but I’m predicting that Nakamura is going to blow up, and in a big way. Her emotional explosions so far have been fairly self-contained, but I’m willing to bet that her final one will be the real breaking point and will result in some pretty big consequences for those around her. With all her talk about burning things to the ground, I wouldn’t be surprised if said breakdown involved some literal burning either.

    • June 23, 2013 at 02:38

      I think I’m anxiously and fearfully waiting for the same thing you are. We may not get to the heart of why she’s a basket case, but she’s got emotions bubbly under the surface.

  1. June 25, 2013 at 00:56

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