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Flowers of Evil ep12: curiosity is like water

And by that I mean it is both a positive and a necessity, but it also has the ability to drown those that are too deeply enamored in it. Kasuga, you don’t have much time left to figure out just how deep you are.

Well, this is a simple and true turn of events. Kasuga who is obsessed with poetry and books in general, decides to write Nakamura an essay explaining his feeling, I guess. Though I think many of us have had lofty expectations and dreams for what we emotionally plan to do the next day. And for guys, that can be particularly stressful since we’re often the aggressors in these situations. Whether it be confessing feelings for a girl and asking her out; the events of a date hopefully leading to the goal of sexy, second base… or even more, a teenager’s dreams are rooted in the stars. And therefore, so easily, violently and painfully brought to earth, because they have so far to go.

We see early in this episode where things have gone in his school life. He’s recessed quite a bit from what few pitiful friends he has. Saeki may notice his existence, but there’s absolutely no communication there, and Nakamura is predictable stone wall of ice and thorns.

Kasuga attempts to read his essay to Nakamura after school, but like any young boy desperate to fix a broken relationship, he comes off more as a stalker than a repentant ex-boyfriend. So after avoiding nearly being killed while chasing her, he decides to rush home, find her address, and do the totally not stalker-ish thing of going there.

While attempting to leave his stupid essay in her mailbox, he comes across Nakamura’s dad. He invites Kasuga in, and things end up being surprisingly comfortable. Well when I say comfortable, I mean comfortable in relation to Kasuga’s normal levels of awkwardness. The whole situation kinda comes off as a shy boy going to see his girlfriend and introducing himself to her parents.

It looks like Nakamura’s from a broken home, as we see only the grandmother in the house with her dad. He states that he’s been divorced since she was five, and the poor guy really seems to be at his wit’s end with her. And even though Nakamura’s still not home (she’s out under some bridge somewhere looking vacant), he invites Kasuga to stay for dinner. While he goes to call Kasuga’s parents, the boy finds what is obviously Nakamura’s room. Honestly, I’d be afraid to go inside. But the creepy music starts playing and we see him grasp door knob.

End of episode.

Wow, that was embarrassing to watch at certain points. Kasuga’s attempt at pulling himself out of rock bottom didn’t seem to be making any headway for awhile. But the ironic situation has come up where he’s in position to be a deviant to Nakamura this time. Sneaking into a girl’s room with the dad in the house? He certainly has balls, but not an ounce of good judgement within him.

I’m intrigued to see what is inside her room though. I’d expect a disheveled mess of a room that you wouldn’t have an ounce of girly charm to it. But who knows that we’ll find in that demon’s lair. Merely being from a “broken home” isn’t enough to explain her quirks. I’ll be anxiously watching the thirteenth episode of Flowers of Evil to see if it’s kind enough to hand us some answers.

Hmmn, this show? Kind? Perhaps I hope to much. Maybe I’ve watched this show for three months just to drown in my own curiosity.

Note: You know, while watching this show I’ve found that there are some Hall & Oates songs that would suit this series perfectly. “Maneater”, “Private Eyes”, there’s just enough awkwardly upbeat creepiness to make this a good fit.

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  1. June 25, 2013 at 03:35

    I’m also very curious to see what Kasuga finds in Nakamura’s room. I’m assuming something strewn with rude graffiti and death threats against the world in general, but with that girl, who knows. Either way, I’m glad we got to see Nakamura’s dad in this episode. I had been wondering for a while what her parents were like, although for Nakamura to be so damn hostile all the time, I’m guessing there’s more to the story than simply a divorce.

    • June 27, 2013 at 21:48

      You know, if he opened that door and I saw a room of Beenie Babies I’d laugh my ass off. I’d laugh it right out of my chair.

  1. July 1, 2013 at 05:56

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