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Karneval ep2: off-limits and creepy

I really like the movie Coraline, but this episode kinda reminded me why I’ve only watched it a handful of times…


After the insanity of the first episode, the main characters, Gareki and Nai are holed up in an abandoned building with both Circus and the creepy people who have something to do with monster (I believe that group’s name is Varuga, or are the monsters Varuga?) looking for them. Gareki tells the little idiot to stay still, and he doesn’t. Instead he’s chased through town, ironically as Circus is putting on a parade that runs right through it. Gareki catches up with him, only to be quickly put down by the goons. The thing that saves his life and Nai’s freedom is a visit from Yogi. A new member of Circus that we haven’t met before.

He takes them to the great bat ship in the sky that’s totally not creepy. Personally, I think it’s pretty cool. Anybody that’s ever played a JRPG with an airship has wanted one. I don’t care if it’s run by propellers, balloons or the fairy dust of a million dead fairies. Gareki and Nai (or more like just Gareki because Nai is practically an invalid in my eyes at this point) have a meeting with the dapper man from the last episode, Haruto. And someone interesting information is given out by Haruto. Apparently, someone is manufacturing freaks of nature like Mine, and unfortunately her condition is blood-borne. So if for any reason her blood gets insides someone (who apparently isn’t dead, I’m guessing) they become one of her kind. Interesting. Classic monster stuff. He also tells them about Karoku, well if you pay attention he speaks volumes. All he actually says is that the bracelet is an old one that should have been destroyed, and that there is no one by that name currently in the organization. In other words, Karoku is probably a traitor.

The episode moves along and as some more senior members of Circus search the town for more monsters and investigate some murders. Yogi and the chick with the sharp eyes (I’ll get these names by ep5, I promise) try to not let Gareki leave the ship by – convincing him and Nai to play hide and seek. Yeah. OK.

Did I mention there is an army of creepy robot bunnies with what look like button eyes on this big, fabulous bat ship that sparkles in the sky? No? Well now you know. Because that sh*t was creepy! I swear, the Japanese could take a cotton ball and make it an object of terror.

The hide and seek diversion fails miserably though as somehow Nai falls ALL THE WAY OUT OF THE SHIP!! And somehow he still lands on solid ground. He’s alive, congratulations anime logic and physics, but he’s not necessarily lucky as one of those monsters like Mine shows up right in front of him. I guess Nai is a “red seed” and that’s important for some reason. Well this leads to a confrontation between the lower level Circus …performers? Magicians? I don’t know. Too bad the Circus people and Gareki are uselss (oh Gareki, I see a pattern forming). But those creepy bunny robots? They save Nai’s ass. Oh Japan! You can make anything cute useful can’t you?

The episode ends with Nai freaking out over some voice he can only hear. It turns out to be the great and mysterious Karoku and his “girlfriend”. G*ddamn lolis!

I can safely say I easily enjoyed this episode. It was very basic, with very basic action, if any. But besides Nai, only Yogi seems even remotely annoying. And it seems that there is bad blood floating around, so I still see that there’s potential for some intense scenes in the future. Also, I like the aspect of the show that says anyone could become one of those beasts. I see the potential for some good drama and intense scenes because of that, too. So everything is coming up aces with this show so far. It’s easily the most easily enjoyed show I’m watching this season.

  1. April 17, 2013 at 01:36

    When I saw the PV, I knew Yogi was going to be cheerful and silly. Man, was I understating it…

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