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Majestic Prince ep2: from rock star to not star in under a minute

I have seen a lot of disappointing and underwhelming second episodes.  Usually what happens is that the show goes nuts in the first episode, and then tries to make you actually care about the world in the second.  Lots of dialogue, exposition that usually involves itself with explaining what happened in the first episode, and it can often be a complete departure when it comes to the tone of the previous episode.  Usually this is a big turn-off for me.

Yeah.  Majestic Prince, are you listening?

As I’ve said about a hundred times on this blog, this episode picks off right where the last left off.  The heroes come back to the ship and now we get some real world reaction.  The team is given medals for their stellar deeds in the battle (like disobeying orders).  And the world seems to think that they’re just the best things ever.  Meanwhile, the military leadership behind the MJP program are debating on the merits of the team and whether they should be swelling their chests with pride after one battle.  Certainly a main character to be feared in future episodes, a Lt. Amane voices her discontent with the program’s goals and aims.  As we learned in the previous episode, the kids of MJP have been trained from basically birth to be good soldiers, though some of the leadership’s opinions conflict on that.  Some of them maintain that the kids have been raised to help make them, and in the future humanity, better suited to space.

We also get a glimpse of some of the crew.  I find it a bit ironic that the bridge bunnies in this series are a pair of bishounen.  Though I won’t complain.  God knows these anime tropes need to be given a shake-up every now and then.  It certainly makes sense more than having a bunch of kids piloting something so big and– you know never mind.

Speaking of the kids, they’re all rather uncomfortably stuck in a press conference answering questions about their mission.  And as usual their conflicting and obtuse personalities clash.  Toshikazu seems to have some bad anxiety issues, and gets stomache aches during the conference.  Kei wants nothing to do with interacting with anyone or anything.  Tamaki just makes a fool of herself, which I’m sure some people found adorable.  Izuru made an even bigger fool of himself by showing everyone his inspiration during a battle, a drawing of his (I actually think that’s kinda cool, if a bit childish).  And Ataru just nerded it up so hard that no one understood him or cared.  To top the event off, their instructor got pissed when the press started calling her their manager.  Too bad lady, that’s exactly what you look like; the manager for a teenie-bopper band.  HA!

It was around this point that I started to wonder what the show’s focus was, and if it had already lost sight of it.  Though to be truly fair, the show had a nice moment where they met the civilians they saved from the enemy attack.

After that, the man with the metal plate on his face took the team in for a meeting where he explained how their machines worked.  Basically, they reacted to the pilot’s unique DNA and adrenaline, prompting a sort of flight or fight response.  The metal-faced man explained it very well as the machines being wild stallions with a mind of their own.  They were things to be “tamed”.  This turns out to be pretty important later.  The team is then hit with an even more sobering fact.  And that is that their machines are now plastered with advertisements.  It may have flown with Tiger and Bunny, but even after that show I have trouble adjusting to other shows doing anything even close to that.  Even for parody’s sake, it just seems so awkward and distasteful to me.  All the advertisements are there so they can be displayed during a simple mission of placing satellites.

The team won’t be at full power this new mission because it’s pretty simple, but also because the exo-suits for their mechs (*shrugs* “I – I don’t completely get it, but at least it’s not overtly ugly”) aren’t fully repaired from the last battle, yet.  To close out this overly long and boring synopsis, the enemy force they fought before returns with just four high tech mechs this time, the lead one being utterly white all over.  They embarrass the team, and Toshikazu especially looks bad as he panics during their attack.  The mech even goes “wild” on him for a moment, attempting to flee rather than dock.  Due to randomly generated logic from the writers, the enemy mechs attack, but don’t kill the pilots.  They simply destroy the satellites and move on.

Of note during this mission is that we get to see one of the MJP’s biggest sponsors, a rich-looking chick with white hair.  And we learn that the enemy pilot of the white mech was a prince for that group.  The episode closes with the team seeing footage of the skirmish, and everyone on the internet making fun of, or getting upset at Toshikazu because of his poor performance.

I’m pretty underwhelmed by this episode, even though it’s not that big a departure from what I’ve seen in the first episode.  I’m mostly just not a fan of the advertisements, and the seeming popularity contest that seems to be brewing on the show.  Mayber it’s because I have enough internet in my life now, but I really don’t like the whole part of this show where it seems to be concerned with public opinion.  And that seems to be a main feature of this series.  Hopefully things pick up a bit more with the next episode.  For now, all I’ve gotten out of this one or two extra interesting characters, and the knowledge that everyone is watching the heroes of Majestic Prince – all the time!

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