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Flowers of Evil ep2: where’s my masturbations?

People love to get hyped over the little things. One bozo disagreeing with their opinion of a show, or music or abortion and all logic and civility can fly out the window. The same can be said for sheltered people. People that haven’t been exposed to the most basic knowledge about their bodies, the bodies of the opposite sex or about sex and relationships in general can really start to romanticize and worship a connection they don’t really understand. I’m starting to believe that’s the point of Flowers of Evil. It’s here to show how twisted our ideas about the world can become once we obsess and romanticize them.  A little knowledge and good advice can go a very long way.

Oh Takao, given every opportunity to walk away, he takes the opportunity to do the most perverse thing he can.  I almost don’t blame him.  It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but if you’re not prepared for the repercussions, just like anything else in life, you shouldn’t do it.  Once he’s taken those gym clothes, he’s in a whole different world.  One full of pleasure, and a lot of guilt and regret.  Sort of like when some people masturbate for the first time.  Don’t worry, I’m not directly equating masturbation to thievery,  I’m just saying he’s going to notice a change.  Anyway, he gets to enjoy his sweaty old gym clothes (ew!) and comes back to school to discover that his little crime has been noticed and reported.  Well that should go without saying.  It’s funny how dramatic this comes across.  Then again this is high school, what else do they have to be so excited about?  Of course Takao doesn’t confess, in his mind he envisions all sorts of dramatic traumatic repercussions.  And all this is just amplified as he has time to himself after school to think about it.  It builds into a fevered pitch until he’s screaming on is bike, pedaling as fast as he can.  He doesn’t stop until he comes across his creepy, loner classmate Sawa.  And I guess the it’s up to you to decide if this show really kicks into gear when Takao steals the gym clothes, or when he talks to Sawa.

Regardless, things get a bit more dramatic and weird from here.  She tells Takao up front that she witnessed his thievery, she’s also noticed how much he loves that “Flowers of Evil” book.  She then hops on his bike and tells him to take them to a hill in the distance.  The reason?  Because she wants to go, and if he doesn’t agree he’ll tell on him.  And his response?  He freaks the eff out like someone mixing two controlled substances and “Daffy Ducks” his butt all the way home, without his bike.  Weirder than I could have ever expected.  And he spends the rest of his night lamenting his decision, knowing his social life at school is over.  To his surprise (and probably dismay), Sawa give him a note giving him one more chance.

Takao meets her at the school, WITH the gym clothes, and gives her some pretty sad excuses for his actions.  It’s all for not.  Sawa doesn’t care, and I sure as hell could care less to hear it.  And besides, it’s a complete setup.  Sawa also called Saeki there and she ends up telling her that Takao had something to say.  She shoves him towards her and well… face meet cleavage; gym clothes fall out of his arms into the open; Saeki runs away crying; Takao weeps where he stands; Sawa gets right to work torturing him, asking that he write a report about the feelings he is experiencing right then.  And then that awesome ending theme kicks in.

I have a decent general idea of where things are going from here.  But as for the episode itself, I found it to be an awkwardly funny watch.  It’s not the style of animation either, I’m actually fond of it.  It’s just so overly dramatic.  Simple things blown so aggressively out of proportion.  And I know that’s how being a teenager is, but I still can’t help but laugh and shake my head.  Takao has literally thrown himself into this situation.  Sawa is just so creepy and gloriously in love with Takao and his perversion.  She’s like a mad scientist with a species she’s never seen before.  There’s so much to do.  And Saeki for now just strikes me as some vapid girl without a personality at this point.  I’m pretty sure her story runs much deeper than that since she’s the third main character, but for now she’s just an object, literally an object.

Since this is pulling from manga material, I’m guessing they’re taking this narrative extra slow.  I enjoy the atmosphere, so I don’t mind.  But I can definitely feel it.  I want to know why this show is so discussed, debated and hyped.  I figured there’d be some spine tingling perversion, some twisted … TWIST, where someone’s doing something that makes viewers just turn away.  Actually, right now all that material is just probably going through the heads of the characters in the story.  All I’ve seen so far is a lot of cowardice, awkwardness and melodrama.  Come on guys!  Hit me!  Hit me good with something that really makes me think or feel!

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