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Eureka Seven AO ep17: everything is explained. I promise… later.

[Eureka Seven AO ep16]

I’m not saying I like bones, love bones, eat bones or have a bone to pick.  This doesn’t even have anything to do with Studio BONES.  But I’m fond of the person that throws them my way.  Probably since episode eleven or twelve, my cries for answers have only gotten louder and louder.  And while I don’t outright get anything so bold and clear, the show at the very least is happy to point me in the right direction.

Ao has literally f*cked with time and space itself. That quartz gun has simultaneously made two things clear. First, what’s tied to the quartz is more than mere alien life.  Messing with the quartz is like messing with the fabric of the universe.  Second, that gun is probably the most “OP” (over-powered) piece of nonsense I’ve ever seen.  Even Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann didn’t f*ck with space AND time.  Just space.  I wouldn’t blame the entire world for wanting to find Ao and that gun and strap them to a rocket headed for the Sun.  The problem is, he’s the only one who what it’s really capable of doing.  Well, him and Truth of course.

My least favorite character in this show wastes no time encroaching on the chaos.  When another Scub Coral pops up in the middle of the ocean, the world’s situation and its views towards the Scub and Generation Bleu are made clear.  The world doesn’t trust Generation Bleu anymore.  Period.  Despite saving possibly millions of lives over the years, and especially just a week ago, everyone’s eyes are on the quartz.  The already greedy governments are even more aggressive and possessive now that they know Gen Bleu has been hoarding ride under their noses (so to speak).

And speaking of possession, earlier in the episode we see Naru saving a supposedly dead man on a dormant Scub Coral.  And that situation was also illuminating.  We see the developing attitudes and conflicts that are arising thanks to all the new info the world has received since Ao has joined Gen Bleu.  People are starting to view the Secrets as gods of cleansing.  They believe they’re clearing out the corruptive scourge that are the Scub Coral.  Others seems to view them as religious zealots or environmental terrorists, which is understandable when a boat of them floats by and hits the Scub with a rocket!

Naru seems to be trying to perpetuate love for the Scub, but I’d say that she’s a bit of a zealot and terrorist herself.  Though she may be right that “no one owns the Scub”, the methods she uses with Truth wouldn’t win any hearts if that came to light.  Regardless, the humans are being divided into supporters of the Scub or Secrets.

I find it interesting that Naru again seems like an afterthought that we have to be reminded of again.  She certainly has memorable appearances, but the world stage is focused on Ao for now.  And so is Truth. Once he learned of that quartz gun, he literally came out of nowhere to pick it up.  And I was about to be disappointed in Ao and the show for letting him just claim it so easily, too.  Luckily, or unluckily Eureka shows up again.

I don’t mind Eureka making an appearance.  Hell, I loved it when she first appeared.  It was one of the greatest moments of the year for me in anime.  It’s just that she just seems to be popping up all over the place right now.  And it brings to focus how much of this show isn’t about the mecha or the Nirvash.  It highlights how I want this show to be something it’s clearly not right now.  It’s not focused on mecha action, or the wonderful acrobatics the original used to revel in so thoroughly.  The scale is grand, but Truth and Eureka really shift the shows focused to the supernatural.  It doesn’t leave the best taste in my mouth at times.

By the end of the episode, I’ve been left neither satisfied nor starving.  It seems the series is stringing me along at just the right clip, at the just the right time.  Though a few final thoughts before I finish.  I did find it nice when it seemed that the Goldilocks team (as people did tell me, but I didn’t notice) weren’t dead, but living happy non-IFO pilot lives.  Though it only gave Elena the chance to further creep me out.  I also had no idea that the Pied Piper team had an anime. It gave Elena a wonderful opportunity to show off her talents and her suspicious knowledge of the modern anime scene. Again, she came across as creepy. And finally, does anyone else think it’s a bad idea that a Secret is still hooked up to Georges?

Wait a minute!  I’m asking a whole bunch of questions again.  Damn it BONES!  I want my bone back!

  1. sadakups
    August 26, 2012 at 09:59

    I said this in ghosty’s blog, but I so wish that Naru and Truth die horrible deaths. I seriously hate the fact that Naru is piloting the typeZERO look-alike for some weird reason.

    • August 27, 2012 at 00:11

      Hey, I understand. If some naive douchebag idiot was piloting my Zeta Gundam – oh wait, that did happen. FUCK YOUUUUU! DOUBLE ZETA!!!

      *ahem* I’m not as attached to the Eureka Seven metaverse as I am Gundam’s, but she certainly doesn’t shine a positive light on that spot. As for Truth, I don’t care if he dies or disappears. I just want him gone.

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