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Rinne no Lagrange ep19: my lonely loli lily of reincarnation.

[Rinne no Lagrange ep18]

I’ve come a long way when it comes to understanding and tolerating this show.  Though I don’t believe I’ll ever accept it as a true mecha show, I still manage to tolerate it and string together some positives from each twenty plus minutes of animation in it.  I used to harp on how annoying and daft Madoka was.  But I’ve gotten used to her awkwardly pushy and hyper personality.  And I’ll admit that it’s nice to see her actions pay off.  And it’s actually nice to see characters in an anime act a little reasonable with or without the violence.  Though I will say it’s not terribly exciting to watch.

With Yurikano saying her tearful farewell to everyone she loved, and everyone that helped her, she’s whisked back away into the Rinne.  And Dizelmine and Villagulio are left with a very upset Madoka who doesn’t waste any time gut punching them and giving them a stern lecture on their bullish actions and their consequences.  It’s classic anime ridiculousness, but I’ve learned to tolerate it in this show.  At the very least progress is made, and after some further discussion, the two kings end their feud and agree to work together on their mutual problem. Lan and Muginami then end up patching up their relationships with their own brother, and the show is left feeling pretty flat for a bit.  I was a bit annoyed when I was reminded that the problem the two nation planets were fighting over still had a thousand years to go before fruition.

For a bit it seemed that the only remaining problems were understanding how and why the Vox move on their own and finding out how to save Yurikano. But it’s then revealed that our little loli chairman isn’t merely what she appears to be.  Then again, in Japanese media when is a little girl just a little girl? The show is either hinting that she is the queen who caused the great tragedy from twenty thousand years ago, or maybe she’s just her direct descendant. I can’t tell just yet. It’s an interesting thing to tackle. I just wonder at this point in the show with so much wrapped up, how exciting will things be with most of the conflict squashed.  I suppose I’ll look to Moid, the snake-like butler guy, and the loli chairman, Asteria to soon give me the answer to that. Just call it a hunch. The possibility of Asteria being the ressurected queen seems rather appropriate with a little thought, too.  Seeing as the term Rin-ne has something to do with reincarnation.

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