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Eureka Seven AO ep17: everything is explained. I promise… later.

August 25, 2012 2 comments

[Eureka Seven AO ep16]

I’m not saying I like bones, love bones, eat bones or have a bone to pick.  This doesn’t even have anything to do with Studio BONES.  But I’m fond of the person that throws them my way.  Probably since episode eleven or twelve, my cries for answers have only gotten louder and louder.  And while I don’t outright get anything so bold and clear, the show at the very least is happy to point me in the right direction. Read more…

Eureka Seven AO ep16: losing names, losing sense.

August 18, 2012 3 comments

[Eureka Seven AO ep15]

I’ve graciously put up with this festival known as the Olympics for most of the month, just so I can come back to THIS.  For some reason, I missed the Eureka Seven AO.  I missed the insanity, the almost unfair storytelling (how are most of us, especially the first time around supposed to keep up with this stuff?), and the melodrama.  Yes, I missed this.  And now that it’s back I’m just as confused as ever. Read more…

Eureka Seven AO ep14: I spit at your expectations!

July 21, 2012 6 comments

[Eureka Seven AO eps1-13]

Well, I THOUGHT I knew what was going on, but Astral Ocean appears to be no more cut and dry than its sibling.  It’s a plot-crossover.  Leading us entirely one way and then just as quickly shifting things before we can adjust.  Though the logical extremes of this series seem to be taking shape more quickly this time around (makes sense with the shorter series and all).  And the plot seems to less mysterious, and more messy.  Still, I continue to happily watch. Read more…

Check-in Station: Eureka Seven AO eps1-13 (a lifetime of experience)

July 15, 2012 4 comments

[Eureka Seven AO ep11]

These have been possibly the two best episodes of new anime I’ve seen all year.  And you don’t get that kind of payoff from watching one series over the period of one year.  Like the original Eureka Seven, this is the kind of joy you only get from experience.  Something you get out of watching over a decade’s worth of anime.  Eureka Seven AO is turning into another fine wine on a shelf full of well thought out, meticulously crafted anime. Read more…

Eureka Seven AO ep8: dodge lightning, punch thunder and respect your elders. Or not.

July 1, 2012 1 comment

[Eureka Seven AO ep7]

I was wondering how Ao was going to recover from last episode’s defeat. And things started out predictably enough. Give a kid a ton of power, take away his girlfriend and what do you expect? He’s gonna take his giant flying robot and bomb that other dude’s house. It’s a good thing this show is a little bit smarter than most shows that followed it. I don’t know if I could live through a never angst and depression filled arc in a giant robot anime. Read more…

Check-in Station: Eureka Seven AO eps 1 – 5 (an easier to swallow Eureka?)

June 24, 2012 3 comments

In Hollywood, I suppose this sort of thing happens all too often.  A classic gets a sequel, a continuation, and people start to moan and groan about how that iteration will poorly reflect on the classic.  Dallas gets a “continuation” and it’s largely viewed as crap.  Aliens gets a prequel, and it seems to come across as a largely love it or hate it affair (I thought it was above average). But in anime I think the views of this sort of thing are largely positive, and common.  If it fails, you always have the old one to fall back on, unless that was bunk, too.  For Eureka Seven AO, I believe that this show deserves a fair shake.  Can this show live up to its older sibling?  Or will it be lost side note in time when you think of its iconic brethren? Read more…

#Eureka7 ep19: the most powerful phrase in anime, “mamoru”. #anime

You really want to tell Holland to back the hell off right here.  Eureka and Holland were almost broken in this episode, not to mention left for dead (though they don’t know that). And here Holland is threatening Renton with god-knows-what after his seeing something VERY strange.  It’s beyond obvious that he has some growing to do, and demons to vanquish. But he’s just seems to be wallowing in his inadequacies.  Good thing he has a great girlfriend to help keep him in line.

Aside from my bitching about Holland for probably the fifth episode in a row, I really enjoyed this episode. You don’t really know what Eureka’s trying to do, but when she does it it kicks the episode into another gear.  All of a sudden Renton’s running off and the military shows up in ridiculous numbers. And now Holland’s faced with an almost impossible choice.

And I hardly ever comment on acting in this medium, but it really shined in this episode. Especially for Renton’s voice actor (keep in my I’m watching the dub, go ahead and boo me now). I always knew this show was capable of excellent episodes, this is an excellent example.

Seeing as this is a rewatch, I’m prone to rediscover some things, but there is something obvious that I didn’t notice previously.  Looks like those trapars gave Renton a slight glimpse into his future.  It’s like they were speaking to him. This episode really took some time to speak to its characters. Poor Eureka got her Rei Ayanami moment when she opened that wordless book. It was a beautiful scene that I guess served as a primer for more trippy, and revealin scenes later in the show.  The show’s not gonna let up though.  If I remember right, if Eureka got her Rei moment, then Renton’s Shinji-esque moment is coming up next.
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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: Jan. 2nd (Happy New Year! …now put your pants back on.)

It’s amazing how some people choose to spend their first day of a new year.  Some spend it in church.  That’s understandable.  Not my way mostly, but it’s still fine.  I’ve had enough of midnight mass or church, it just feels weird to me.  I’ll save my fellowship for daytime.  *ahem!*  The rant has ended.  Then there are those people that choose to spend it with family, a personal favorite of mine.  You can drink whatever you want with people who probably won’t rob you when you’ve passed out on the floor… or in the bathtub.  Don’t ask.  And you never have to worry about how you’re getting home with a BAC (blood alcohol content) that could very well be a Major League baseball player’s batting average, while avoiding police checkpoints.

Then there are who have to spend that time; the very waxing hours of the morning, the day, the year, at work.  And depending on the profession, you have to spend that time with the a-holes who seem to choose to spend their first hours of 2012 in the hospital or jail.  You morons make me sick and are the reason why I prefer to spend my waxing hours doing what I did, watching anime.  The holiday vacation time is a good time to catch up on many things.  I’m happy to say I caught up or started some nice material, and unlike the post I had there’s a much greater variety.  So for those of you who, like me, enjoy all things anime,  here are my anime, manga and pervy (hooray) images of the week. Read more…

Eureka7 ep13: loud and squirelly. That’s Renton alright.

I decided to pick up from here simply because I’ve watched the first cour of this show several times from the begining and there’s really no point of going over it again.  I’m determined to properly knock this show out in 2012, so I’m not f*cking around.  That said, this really was a good place to pick back up again. Right after the Seven Swell Event.

It was interesting to see the contrast between the two couples.  Both at this point having a very long way to go.  Dominic seems to be a somewhat impatient guy, but he’s incredibly patient and understanding of Anemone.  He may be trying to disguise it as duty.  But he’s going above and beyond for other reasons, or else he wouldn’t be coddling her; he’d be using his command voice.

And Renton… well all these years since watching the show and he’s exactly as I remember him.  Loud.  And squirrelly.  And for someone who is incredibly ignorant about the world, he learns quickly how to get around it.  I shudder to think how lost Dominic would be without Renton during that trip.

The last few minutes of the episode are quite beautiful and there’s a lot of staring going on.  Renton’s natural skill and blessing of being accepted by the Type Zero have firmly set him in Dominic’s eyes as his key rivals.  I’m not sure what Renton really thinks of Dominic in turn, as he seems like just a screwy uptight guy.  But he won’t ever forget Anemone.  And Holland… yeah, I can tell what kind of mood Holland is in within a 3 second span.  There’s something a bit painfully dark about him during this part of the show.  A gifted pilot and leader like him should make him immediately likable, but he really is missing something.  Or maybe it’s a matter of him not having “it”, but rather having lost “it”.
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