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Anime Episodes of the Year: Fairy Tail ep58 (that’s right, FAIRY TAIL!)

Nice and tight.  That’s what this episode is.  Most of the time, even the best shounen episodes can seem watered down and slow.  Scenes stretched out for long periods, silly filler thrown in that can often feel tedious and out of place; so this episode felt like a welcome reminder that things can be done without cutting corners or screwing around.  The fifty eighth episode of Fairy Tail was a fine example of the show being itself at its best.

I’ve been told that Fairy Tail‘s mangaka, Hiro Mashima is a very underated writer. And I was hesitant to believe them until this episode. The way this episode plays with all the elements in it is just entertaining and masterful. It’s starts off funny and successfully transforms into something dire and heartwrenching. And best of all it has an amazing shounen style finish with a female character who isn’t a useless piece of mush.

This episode actually reminds me a bit of a very good and popular Naruto episode. The one where Sakura actually stood up for an incapacitated Sasuke and Naruto.  Indeed, while the everyone else is down, it’s Lucy’s time to shine.

It’s really hard for me to describe this episodes power in a meaningful way though.  At this point, the story is well into one of its arcs and the character interactions touch on several relationships and past events all in a few moments.  It’s amazing how Mashima took what felt like a standalone backstory, one that could have begun and ended with its initial episodes, and dragged all those facts back into the story and the characters faces as smoothly as though he planned it all along.  Maybe he did.  It was sure executed well enough.

The shounen genre which (besides One Piece) I thought I was slowly outgrowing may be evolving a bit with these better character interactions, plots and smoother execution of all its elements.  We’ve seen unique takes on the genre before with series like Death Note and Bakuman.  But maybe in a post One Piece world Fairy Tail is an example of the evolution of what we can expect.  If there’s anything this episode has shown me, it’s that we’ve come a long way since Dragonball Z.

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