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End of Year Special: Favorite Characters of 2010

I thought about making this a “best of” post on characters of 2010, but then I thought it wouldn’t have the personal touch that I desired.  This is just a list of the characters I enjoyed the most from anime series in 2010.  If you feel I missed someone or you want to put in your own two cents, then feel free to leave something in the comments.
Favorite Characters of the Year are…
  • Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Baka to Test to Shokanju): Hideyoshi started off 2010 by making everyone gay, at least for twenty minutes this show aired.  You don’t think Hideyoshi’s really that dumb, until Hideyoshi doesn’t realize that the underwear Hideyoshi’s wearing underneath Hideyoshi’s shirt is a bra.  “BAAAAAKA!”  Regardless, Hideyoshi gave me a ton of great moments, directly and indirectly, and added a weird sex appeal to this hilarious show.  Notice how I don’t say “he” or “she”.  That’s because Hideyoshi is neither male or female.  Hideyoshi is just Hideyoshi through and through.
  • T.K. (Angel Beats): say what you will about Angel Beats, even those who thought it was rubbish had an appreciation for this strange dancing man.  He not only harnessed the power or Engrish for popularity, but his dance moves gave him style in the slaughter of his opponents.  The man was a walking meme machine honestly.  Every week he would have a line or two absolute GOLD Engrish, and for the rest of that week the anime world would repeat.
    “Now a head spin!”
    “Zetsubou Carnival.”
    “Just wild now.”
    “Get chance and luck.”
  • Saeko Busujima (Highschool of the Dead): speaking of walking memes.  Saeko had a hand in just about every memorable moment in the show, Highschool of the Dead.  I personally thought this show was hot garbage, but it was entertaining largely thanks to her.  She offered the sex appeal, as well as the sometimes unintentional laughs.  Who could ever forget the sight of her on the hood of that Hummer nothing but an apron, panties and heels …with her wooden sword.  AAAAH!  That was HAWT!  …and ridiculous.  It’s because of her that I can’t hate that show.
  • Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!): Shizuo for a time was everyone’s favorite badass.  You wanted to put the BAMF sticker on someone, it would be him.  I’m not telling him he’s not badass, are you?  While he had a touching backstory, and became a lovable freak of nature (not just a force of it), I’ll still remember him not for beating up legions of crazed, possessed people, but for punching the clothes of a month.  HOLY SH*T!
  • Wrath/King Bradley (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood):  the badass of badasses this year for me.  The man just needed two sabers and he could wipe out a battalion without even straining.  Hell!  The man scared a tank!  But what really came through for me was not how hellishly deadly he was, but how human he was in the end.  Behind those/that sharp, steely eye(s) there was a creature who could just barely taste his humanity.  Would he give up any of his power to have it back?  Hell no.
  • Major Sakamoto (Strike Witches 2):  and now we add a bit of sexy spice to our badasses.  The show says she’s in her twenties (“PFT! Whatever.”), but she honestly just looks like a little girl cosplaying as a naval officer/pirate who forgot to put on her pants.  Even in that obscene and ridiculous outfit, she came across as a very strong, inspiring leader.  She was ruthless; she was dedicated; she was tenacious; she was a great teacher; she was a pure warrior; she was just enough of a lady; she could turn on any man or woman; and she had the best laugh of any character in anime this year.  Is any of this sinking in?  Even if you hate Strike Witches concept, give it a shot just for Major Sakamoto.
  • Kuroneko (OreImo):  I wouldn’t say she was the diamond in a pile  sh*t.  She was one of two diamonds, the other being Manami, in Ore no Imouto (something, something very long title).  Kuroneko holds the distinction of being one of the few anime characters I would want to meet in real life, but also one of the few I think I could realistically stand as well.  I’m sorry, Kamina from TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN is an amazing character, but he’d cause me some real problems in real life.  Kuroneko appeals to me in so many ways.  The honesty, the surprising amount of tolerance, the steadfast dedication to her otakuism that may be weird, but isn’t life warping; for all she does to shine she feels very grounded.  Not to mention she’s cute as hell and her nendoroid is high on my list of things to buy this year.
  • Erza (Fairy Tail): filling the veteran role of a sergeant in the anime Fairy Tail.  She is HARD-CORE.  She scares everyone in her guild (rightfully so as she doesn’t hesitate to kick some ass, teeth or whatever else needs correcting), but at the same time commands love and respect from all of them.  She has a bevy of outfits that she looks delicious in (oh no, my inner perv is coming out – next subject)!  And what really impresses me is just how much of a complete character she is.  She’s no stranger to being either a brick wall of power, or a vulnerable woman in need.  She’s very much the exact opposite of what I hate about so many females in shounen manga material.  There’s no fauning, no putting up with ridiculous, illogical mood swings because some strange female code has been broken.  She doesn’t turn to mush or disappear when other male characters step up.  Honestly sometimes it seems as though the show has to remove her to make room for other characters.  To sum things up for her, “I am impressed.”
  • Korone (Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou): continuing the long tradition starting with Rei Ayanami of living, lifeless dolls that we grow to care for, Korone was definitely one of the highlights of Daimaou.  Despite her looking completely lifeless and bored most of the time, she actually had a very sharp sense of humor, was (no surprise, she’s an android) very smart and was a very useful companion.  Her best trait?  She has a bunny tail that you can use to shut her down.  I’d never use it, but it’s nice to look at.  Yeah, pervy points for that one.

And who’s my favorite of favorites?

Hideyoshi damn it!  It’s the first time I ever fell for a trap, literally.  I don’t know why anyone who likes that show would pick anyone else.  Especially that skank Shouko, you can take a taser to your balls if you want.  Regardless of my “preferences”  who were your favorite characters of 2010?

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