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Check-in Station Year in Review: Spring 2013 (Where the Biggest and Best Come to Play)

January 9, 2014 4 comments

Welcome to the wonderful Spring season!  The season of juggernauts –  literally!  The more I heard about this season in previews, the more excited I got.  The Spring season was the reason I still looked forward to watching modern, new anime.  So without further hype and hyperbole, I’m gonna tell you the story of the Check-in Station’s journey through anime’s Spring of 2013. Read more…

Check-out Station: Kirara

May 14, 2013 2 comments

I don’t watch many OVA’s and when I do I spend very little time talking about them.  Something about them gives me a feeling of inconsequential material.  Though on the plus side, OVA’s are the old stomping ground for creativity in the medium.  Anime isn’t as popular as it is, and doesn’t gain some of its rabid fandom (and if you’re an OVA fan, I consider you rabid on some level) without stuff that goes straight to video.  So with that, I wondered if Kirara would be worth forty minutes of my life. Read more…

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