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Check-in Station Year in Review: Spring 2013 (Where the Biggest and Best Come to Play)

January 9, 2014 4 comments

Welcome to the wonderful Spring season!  The season of juggernauts –  literally!  The more I heard about this season in previews, the more excited I got.  The Spring season was the reason I still looked forward to watching modern, new anime.  So without further hype and hyperbole, I’m gonna tell you the story of the Check-in Station’s journey through anime’s Spring of 2013. Read more…

Check-in Station: Red Data Girl ep1 (what have you done?! what the hell have you done?!)

April 11, 2013 3 comments

I have spent quite a bit of time diversifying myself  attempting to watch every genre and style of any I can muster. But some things still remain a mystery to me. And its how people can enjoy something that I find predictable and boring. I’m not saying Red Data Girl is one of those shows exactly. I’m just saying that even with me not totally understanding the main character’s powers, I can kinda see where this is going. And I’m not terribly excited. Read more…

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