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Love Lab ep2: this means waaawr!

I have my misgivings about Love Lab, mainly because it seems to be a pure comedy. It appears to have no interest of going deeper or diversifying. And that’s perfectly alright, so long as the characters are great and the show is hilarious. Good god, the show better be hilarious!

Alright, still got a schedule to keep, so this will be another short post. Sorry.

IMG_5332I’m finding Love Lab to be more adorable than hilarious at the moment, and I can live with that. Sure it’s sort of a contradiction to what my opening statement was about, but if you find something interesting, you stick with it. You’re drawn to it. And sometimes you find yourself enjoying it for reasons you can’t explain, or are to embarrassed to explain. And so far I’m finding Love Lab to be adorable and interesting just for what it is. A series of ridiculous, over-analyzed, over-dramatic events. It makes things even more interesting now that we have an opposing pair of antagonists to worry about.

To go along with the narrative painted for us, Mizushima is certainly the “villain” in the group. We were told by in the previous episode that she was banished from the student council for her greed. And though it may have been perceived greed, as she had done nothing wrong yet, I still think Maki had excellent reason to be worried. Though the aggression seems to have been started by her partner the former (for all intents and purposes) president of the student council Enomoto. She comes across as one of those petty, bitter characters who has just enough cleverness and power to cause trouble, though not enough to make herself endearing or overcome the her opponents on her merits alone. Hence why she’s recruited the “money witch”, Mizushima. I’m glad they’ve shown up to. Tanahashi is adorable in her own right, but she’s far from a character I could see driving more than one episode at best. This is great because it gives us a whole new set of situations and dynamics to laugh at and enjoy.

And before I forget, I did actually laugh at the episode, even though I was more enamored by the new characters and their potential for mean-b*tchiness.  Kurahashi seems to be sinking even deeper into her lies.  Though I don’t think all of her advice is terrible, let alone horrible.  I thought Tanahashi’s doses of reality into the conversation about fainting was hilarious, too.  And that’s what I like, this show is building a adorable, entertaining and hilarious cast.  You can win most anyone over with that combination.

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