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Attack on Titan ep14: join the asylum or the laboratory

You didn’t think I stopped watching this show just because I’m late, did you?

Man, there’s not an ounce of civility or sympathy shed for Eren. Not only is he stuck in a dungeon awaiting god knows what, but his existence has made massive waves across this remaining speck of mankind. And those waves have washed up on the Military Police doorstep. And thus we have the trial.

The main goal for the Recon Corps is to convince the super pragmatic Supreme Commander who will be the judge, to allow them to have custody of Eren Jaeger for their own needs. The Military Police will be the “prosecution” in this case, attempting to take Eren for themselves and killing him after some experimentation and dissection. So Eren will be waiting to see if he lives his dream, or dies a pitiful lab rat.

It’s all pretty straightforward, and so is the execution despite a lot of bickering and arguing from people on the opposing side. It’s actually Levi’s beating of Eren in the heat of the moment that convinces the Supreme Commander to go along with the Recon Corps plan to retake Wall Maria.

A cute note, Levi knocked out one of Eren’s teeth during his beating. And it grows back by the end of the episode. What did you people expect? He’s not titan some of the time, IT’S IN HIS BLOOD!

Overall, an interesting and perfectly adequate episode. It’s important and interesting to see these inner workings, because I’m sure they’ll be exponentially important later in the series. We see glimpses of some very influential power brokers in the courtroom, people undoubtedly close to the king and with a great many strands of support inside Wall Sina. The greedy merchants are one thing for sure, but to see there’s a group of crazed religious zealots throwing their weight around the innermost walls will be guaranteed trouble for Eren later.

Now then, I’m looking forward to seeing the world outside the safety of the walls. With this group of the strange and insane traveling with Eren, it will be a treat to experience life outside of the cage.

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