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Check-in Station: Dream Eater Merry eps 1-5 (Her best side is her navel.)

I hate anime cats! I really do. I can’t explain why exactly, it goes way back to some of my earliest days of watching anime. So when I saw the opening scene for Dream Eater Merry you could say I was more than surprised. It was liked they tapped into my very nightmares. It was so imaginative, beautifully animated and striking that I couldn’t forget it. The first episode itself was very interesting. But five episodes in, I may still be waiting for the show to fulfill some of the hopes I had for the series.

The first thing I even think about when I think about this show is how pretty and imaginative it initially appears. The titular character, Merry, is quite ridiculously dress and I’m interested to see how someone’s going to cosplay her. I imagine some harshly starched cloth and some custom contacts are in order. The characters are mostly cute and easy on the eyes with small touches made to keep them from being too generic. The real creativity seems to come into play when the dream demons themselves do. From angels to elves to scarecrow like creatures they all seem to be rather unique one-offs of what a dream creature could be. Some of these creatures are much more creatively realized than others.

Merry herself seems to be a very special dream demon. She saves the male protagonist in the first episode from a dream demon who calls himself John Doe. I don’t believe “John Doe” is his real name at all, and I’m betting money that he has a lot to do with what’s going on in this chaotic situation. A situation that involves dream demons using humans as vessels to cross into the real world. While Merry has crossed over and can’t get back (which appears to be the norm), John Doe like many other dream demons is apparently trying to gather human vessels (forcibly and otherwise) to cross over. It’s like a mass one-way migration. It makes me wonder what’s so great about the real world in comparison to theirs, and how did all this get started?

My main problem with Dream Eater Merry up to this point is the rather slow progress the plot has made through five episodes. It’s finally starting to sew itself together as of the fifth episode, but I certainly wish it would focus more on telling its story as opposed to just looking pretty and trying to accentuate its mysteries.

All in all, I do look forward to watching this show from week to week. And while I’ve yet to find anything truly special about this series up until this point, I still have hopes that those talking anime cats will come back around and get what’s coming to them. *ahem* I mean, I’m hoping for the series mystery elements make a return and resolve themselves in a glorious fashion. I’ll keep watching this show in hope I get to witness that.

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