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AniFriday Issue #24: August 1st, 2014 (that felt kinda nice)

I’ve been a tad lazy this week.  No, I’ve been very lazy.  The rain, the lack of things that need to be done on my days off.  Sometimes it just feels good to just veg out and enjoy the slow days.  On my days off, if I even so much as have a conference call for 45 minutes to an hour, it just pisses me off until the task is done.  I like to do things at my own pace, on my own time.  Though I honestly work best under pressure.  It takes a lot to motivate me if I’m not self motivated.  That’s why I don’t really have too much done this week.  Still, for most people watching five, six or seven episodes of anime in a week is still quite a bit.  I hope you appreciate the work I put in this week, even at my laziest.

Here are the anime and manga I’ll be covering this week, in order:

  • Stardust Crusaders ep17
  • Akame ga Kill! ep4
  • Naruto ch686
  • Bleach ch590
  • Hajime no Ippo ch1061

Stardust Crusaders

Episode 17

Star Platinum is the god of payback!

This pair of episodes was really getting long-in-the-tooth for me.  Though I’m not going to argue that this should have been one single episode, I really wanted the pace to speed up somehow.  It was worth it though to see Steely Dan completely collected on as Star Platinum the worst beating I can remember anyone receiving in awhile.

Good lord, I can’t wait for these guys to get to Egypt.  I’ve had enough of these gimmick matches.  I need something close to a main event after all this time.

Note:  Old man Joseph Joestar gets to effectively use his hamon again after such a long time.  That was just a great moment.

Akame ga Kill!

Episode 4

I saw some interesting things this episode, ranging from attention to detail to a focus on looking into someone’s motivations.  The magical weapons known as Imperial Arms were explained to a good degree this episode.  There are apparently 48 of them, and they all have major drawbacks to add to their advantages.  It reminds me of the balancing you’d see in a good fighting game.  If something has length, then there’s usually a drawback like a delay in time to retrieve or draw the attack.  Creating openings and weaknesses in its very deployment.  The same can be said for Akame’s Murasume, a sword so deadly that he life is even on the line just cleaning it.  It’s also revealed that these high risks in offense and defense also guarantee the meeting of two users of Imperial Arms will result in one of their deaths.

Zank the Executioner gives us a good example of this, as the madman invariably throws his weapon and life on the line during his brutal serial murders in the capital.  I have to say that any city that is so depraved and corrupted that it gives its executioner a case of PTSD is a truly terrible place.  For the life of me, I still cannot tell if any of these humans are humans or demonic.  Even Zank looked surprisingly normal during death.

An interesting question comes to mind when thinking about it.  If corrupt and devoid of enough humanity, can a human really become a demon?

Overall, a pretty fun episode.  Zank obviously reminds me of another depraved, warped serial killer from another shounen anime/manga – Jinei from Rurouni Kenshin.  There are enough similarities.  Though I’m not going so far as to compare the shows in their entirety.  Rurouni Kenshin is a legendary show for me.  And Akame ga Kill! still has a long way go to even begin impressing me.


Chapter 686

“…stay here for now.  And don’t come after me anytime soon either!”

Oh god!  I almost cried!  I thought Kakashi was dead sure this time around!

If not for Obito’s quick thinking and use of his mangenkyo sharingan, he would have perished without question.

I’m feeling a bit reflective now that the former main villain of the Part II has passed on.  The “Dark Naruto” had remained quite the anomaly for a long time in this show.  For a while, a friend and I debated on just who exactly this Tobi character was.  Then when Tobi started showing off the Sharingan and later claiming he was Madara Uchiha, we both started wondering who exactly this character really was.  Was he really who he said he was?  Was he just a remnant of the former legendary shinobi?  Is he some Uchiha from the past that we just overlooked?  In the end, we were all duped by what should have been a certain death of what we all thought was just a throwaway Uchiha character, used to further Kakashi’s back story.  Granted, that little bit of legacy was one of my favorite parts of the manga, but I figured it’d be a one and done thing.  A show of how cruel and pointless the ninja world could be.  It turned out to be one of the most important moments in the series’ history.  Not only would Kakashi not the legendary copy ninja we all know and love, but the link into present times that Kaguya and Madara needed would not be there.

He may not have been the best villain of the story, or one of my favorite characters in a series full of characters I love, but he was an important link and will be missed.  I look forward to talking about him much more once the series ends.

Other important notes on this chapter, it seems that Kaguya has been holding her super gravity dimension in her back pocket for the sneaky attack meant to take down her two main opponents.  But it seems even she isn’t a god, and doesn’t have inexhaustible stores of chakra.  With the failure of this attack, I wonder how much of it hit she’s taken to her chakra supply just for that?

The last bit was the first thing seen in the chapter, as we get to see the resurrected Hokage and the Sage of Six Paths converse.  It’s a pretty big moment, but nothing anyone can dwell on as they struggle to come up with a solution for the problem at hand.  I do want to complain about how much help Naruto and Sasuke are getting in this fight, as I’d like to see them handle this problem more on their own.  Then again, this has always been far from a fair fight.


Chapter 590

“Did I hurt your feelings?  Well get over it.  Everyone is a peon in my eyes.”

This must be Kubo’s dream matchup of eccentric characters.  He usually makes it a habit to have opponents that compliment each other, especially when it comes to Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi.  Sometimes the opponent is more trouble than they’re worth, but usually it’s some annoying prick who thinks they’re smarter than him (see: Ishida and Szayelaporro ).  This time it’s a bit more interesting, as this cross-dressing Quincy is a real freak.  He does appear to be an intellectual like Mayuri or his past opponents, he seems creepy and cruel enough to match up tohe mad scientist.  I was a bit disturbed by the relationship Giselle had with his “slave” had with each other.  It’s painted almost as a sexual, BDSM type of thing, but I think it’s even more twisted than that (no offense to any couples that enjoy that sort of foreplay).

It will be intensely interesting to me how Mayuri breaks this fight down.  I love his fights as much, if not more than anyone else’s because his fights are so cruel with such ruthless consequences.  To lose to Mayuri is not to die a quick death.  Something horrible will happen to you before you fall.  Something else I find intensely interesting is his use of previously thought dead Arrancar.  Though some of those Arrancar I would much rather see dead and never come back.  Charlotte’s fight with Yumichika is easily one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in a manga.  Truly horrible!

Still, this is an awesome development!

Hajime no Ippo

Chapter 1061

He’s on his ass!  He’s on his ass!  He’s on his ass!

Ippo’s power is so retarded that it doesn’t even need a clean hit to f*ck you up!


I definitely need to calm down.  Basically, this harkens back to Ippo’s days at the Rookie King tournament I believe.  Back then, Ippo had a habit of getting knocked about even more than now, and several times throughout his career he’s taken that same extremely off-balance stance to catch his opponent off guard.  It paid huge dividends back then, and it does so here as well.  Gonzalez’s already ruined judgement is damaged even more with that shock to the head, and his exchange with Ippo was incredibly foolish.  This is proof positive that Ippo’s striking power is world class.  One solid hit has crumpled his opponent.

And now I can see where the comparisons to the Woli matchup come into play.  Even if Gonzalez gets up (I’m sure he will), he won’t have his legs underneath him, and it’s very unclear how long the damage from the knockdown will linger throughout the bout.  Ippo’s time is NOW!  If the bell for the round doesn’t stop him first.

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