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Golden Time ep10: at a less than fevered pitch

What an utterly boring episode. Usually I have more patience for a show than this, but the combination of Banri’s annoying ghost taking over, even for as little as a few minutes, plus the boring dialogue just killed this episode for me.

If anything significant happened, I guess it was Banri’s ghost taking over his body, and attempting to make a bee line for Linda. This fails when Banri falls to the ground after tripping, and the amnesiac Banri takes back over again. Good grief, if sudden knocks to the body are all that it takes for the two to switch places, then this is going to get very annoying.

Anyway, the strange encounter leaves Banri’s body with a horrible fever.  It’s so bad that he can pitifully do nothing more than flop down in front of his neighbor Nana’s door.  She comes out to see what all the fuss is about, and finds Banri almost in a fetal position on the ground.  Banri is taken to the hospital by her and given some medicine by the staff there.  On the return back, Banri’s fevered new attitude bugs Nana (everything bugs her), so she’s more than happy to pass him off to Linda when she shows up at the apartment.  Linda takes care of Banri from there, giving him his medicine and feeding him.

Halfway through the day, Koko, Mr. 2D and Mitsuo show up to check on their friend.  Koko shows up with a bouquet of roses and acts like she’s upset over him cheating on her.  The joke doesn’t go over very well though, and her and Mitsuo actually get in another argument at the apartment.  It’s not exactly the most relaxing atmosphere in the world.  It’s Koko of course who ends up spending the rest of the day with Banri as he sleeps through his fever.  They have a touching moment where she talks about wanting to be the best girlfriend she can be, and they promise to go to the beach later.  The whole time though, Banri is still confused about the missing picture of him and Linda, suspecting Koko of taking it the whole time.

End of episode.

What little drama there is in this episode is very weak.  The dialogue was mostly uninteresting.  And I felt like I was in a daze just like Banri going through this episode.  it didn’t grab me at all.  This is probably the worst entry in the series so far.  And I dare say that depending on the next episode, this one may be skippable.

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