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Check-in Station: Valvrave ep13 (to Earth! Vampire Illuminati Earth!)

It’s okay buddy.  It’s just a pinch, a little blood sucking, DNA changing pinch!  MWUAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

Things are off to one hell of a start for this new season of Valvrave. With the show picking up right where the climax from last season left off. We see the show’s “vampire Illuminati” adding a new member to their ranks. Meanwhile, Cain and his own Valvrave are having furious battle with Haruto and L-Elf in theirs. It’s a death match for sure, with Cain’s Valvrave seemingly having the superior ability to crystalize new parts that fully function and articulate. Haruto, L-Elf and the kids of New JIOR only barely escape defeat due to the Cain’s new Valvrave overloading its systems, forcing him to retreat.

Having finally successfully arrived and the neutral territory of the Moon, they’re note exactly granted freedom, though they are treated as heroes and victims. The stuffed suits of ARUS waste no time taking advantage of the young inexperienced diplomats, effectively subjugating them on arrival. Haruto’s problems aren’t alleviated either, as he’s agreed to being sequestered off from everyone else for study, and so that he doesn’t attack (and rape) anyone again. That guy is as pure and stupid as they come, he’s never going to change.  In the meantime, as the Dorssian military waits outside neutral territory for another shot at their foes, we see H-Neuns talking to X-Eins.  H is the only one in their unit who has seen what Cain truly is, and it bothers him.

Back on the Moon, plans and preparations are complete for some of the Valvraves and the diplomats to take a trip to Earth, the only problem is that their weapons of destruction have lost their color and are completely unresponsive.  And this problem leads us to finally getting the answer to exactly why Haruto keeps attacking people.  It seems that the Valvraves run off of some fictional magical particle known as runes, and these things are found in abundance in humans.  So with Haruto locked up for the past couple of months, unable to collect those runes from people, the Valvraves have finally run through their very special fuel.  Faced with this realization, Haruto finally comes to an agreement with himself and L-Elf.  He’ll only feed on L-Elf, in order to refuel the Valvraves.  He’s determined to keep the machine’s curse only to himself.  Though who knows what other side effects the other pilots may receive in time.  With that drama out of the way, L-Elf and the Valvraves make their way into outer space, where they’re immediately attacked by the Dorssian military.

End of episode.

Ah!  Valvrave is back!  And I have to say, despite all my smack talk over the summer, it is kinda good to see this ridiculous show back in the lineup.  There was just enough Saki in the episode to satiate me as well.  Though I’ve long since given up on caring whether she wins Haruto for herself.  As I’ve learned from watching Flavor of Love (don’t judge me), giving up the cookies doesn’t necessarily give you the win.

This show is being much less stingy with the information this time around, too.  And I welcome this with open arms.  Not only do we see the Magius (or whatever their names are) openly snatch up a powerful Dorssian diplomat and change him into one of them.  But we get an explanation to Haruto’s fits.  We see the two alien siblings who reside in the two main Valvraves, and hear cryptic words from Cain referring to them as the original couple.  And we learn that Cain himself really isn’t that special, after all, all those creepy vampire dudes in that cult are just like him.  All this new information makes me not mind the series bringing up even more questions than its answered so far.  One important note that I glossed over: the symbol on the cells when the Dorssian diplomat got turned was a completely different symbol from the one that appears when Haruto bites into someone.  Might this be a sign that we have two different alien races involved in this show?

Anyway, so far so good is my statement about this episode.  I’m fully prepared for this show and its never ending bag of stupid (runes), but that doesn’t mean I’m not prepared to have fun.  I’ll be watching this show until its end, glorious or not.

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  1. gustave154
    October 14, 2013 at 10:31

    dun worry it will be glorious… BLITZENDEGEN!!

  1. October 20, 2013 at 03:43

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