Since my fellow blogger, Ghostlightning is somewhat out of commission with the flooding, I decided to help old dude out and give him one of my posts. I am still a member of WRL afterall. But hopefully things will dry out over the in the Phillipines eventually and he’ll get back on his feet. Stop by his blog and wish him well. This is my post on WRL for Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse.

We Remember Love

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get to see a show that cuts through the mess and gives me the pure mecha action I want. Then I come across a new show, and think that I’ve gotten what I wanted. Then the show starts having beach episodes and making love geometry and I realize that I can’t escape. I can’t escape an anime being an anime. Generally, it’s appeal will always be broad, and very Japanese. And I realize that I can’t have that show that is just 90% serious action and suspense, and 10% bull to alleviate all that tension and stress. Often enough it’s a 50-50 affair, and for Muv-Luv that seems to be the case. But I am wondering if that 50% is spectacular enough to make me live with the other half that I’m not fond of.

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