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Check-out Station: Record of Fallen Vampire

There was a moment last year where I told myself I was going to expand my manga reading library. It’s been almost a year since then and I think I’ve been rather successful.  The first of the series that I started then has been finished. Record of Fallen Vampire.

Fallen Vampire, as I’ll call it from now on, is a strange beast. The beginning is rather cliched and predictable, but it only serves to confuse you as you go farther into the plot. A nearly invincible character is broken down in a heart beat, sides are switched, alliances are made and the bad guy is hardly clear. The pillar holding this series up for me was the high tension involved in combat and the sometimes clever maneuvering. But that’s not what won me over.

What won me over was the dramatic and heart-wrenching backstory that builds the characters up in the present tense. The backstory does an excellent job of getting you emotionally involved and of making sense of the politics and views of both eras. Eras that are literally a thousand years apart. The best part is that all this is slowly rolled out. So as each chapter ends, your opinion is further molded or influenced to feel something for the characters. At times your present feelings may be complete opposites of what they were in the immediately previous chapter.

My only caveat is that there is an element of the story that never mixed for me. No matter how well they mixed the pot, this one ingredient wouldn’t blend. I don’t want to spoil anyone, but I have to say it for you to understand.

Aliens. In the middle of all this infighting between vampires, dhampires (look it up) and humans, aliens show up and demand Earth’s real estate. The inclusion of aliens was a jarring experience at first. The real problem came with the lack of development this receives. They are merely boogie men for the most part. So while they are still a very real threat, they end up being mostly a plot device. They became a way for the factions to come together, align and understand one another. I would’ve enjoyed more explanation and development of this angle. Maybe that was just me pushing my hopes and expectations onto the work, but it surely couldn’t have hurt.

Overall, Fallen Vampire was a mixture of stong and weak elements that ,thankfully, was able to overpower its flaws and deliver a compelling story. I have to recommend it to those that love vampire stories, because it is definitely a quality read. Thank you Fallen Vampire for all the time we’ve spent together.

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