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Zankyou no Terror ep5: may I join this game, too?

Episode 5, the moment things really get interesting. You had to wonder how long this dangerous and childish game would continue. And the answer is made abundantly clear. No more. In essence, Nine and Twelve are being told that they’re not as clever as they think, nor are they hidden.

The formula seemed to obvious for it to continue in this show. But it looks like that was the point all along. I could not figure out what Sphinx was trying to get at after all this time. But it seems they’re pointing their way towards extremely high level corruption in the Japanese government. And since Shibazaki has already made a name for himself (and ruined his career) by doing such damaging investigations, it seems only natural that they’d become allies. And that seems to have been the case all along. Shibazaki’s impassioned speech on national TV to Sphinx didn’t draw their ire, but their attention. A lot of hope is being rested on his shoulders to figure out the message they’re so carefully and dangerously trying to send.

The problem is that their attempts to get attention has done just that – gotten them a lot of attention. And it appears someone else has figured out what they’re trying to do. It’s impossible to deny it. Not when Sphinx’s efforts had been so clearly and precisely thwarted in this episode. Sphinx’s plan to set off the bombs with cell phone signals as detonators was completely block with a mass dosage of electrical cell signal jamming that affected all of Tokyo. Their attempts to find the train they’d placed the bomb upon were precisely stalled and rerouted. And they were directly contacted after the bomb went off. There’s plenty of evidence to show that the interfering party has power, skill and very good knowledge on what’s going down.

At this point, Lisa really does seem like an after thought in the story line.  I’d swear she was fulfilling the role of a mascot character or pet, adding little more than awkward moments, humour and pulling some emotion from the daring terrorists.  I still find myself questioning the worth and weight of her presence so far in the story.  I’m willing to continue overlooking it right now though, because I think the change of situation brought about by these new interlopers was a very good payoff for the set up so far in the show.  I’m very satisfied with what I’ve seen here.  And it makes me think that all the talent behind this show could produce something worthwhile – even memorable if the quality continues to improve like this.  The idea of having a young group of terrorists working together with an old, formerly crestfallen detective who once before was defeated by the corruption that they’re now seeking to vanquish is enough to get my manly blood boiling.  I see now that this is what I wanted more than the mystery that the show offered – Focus!  I want to have something to look forward to in this series.

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Zankyou no Terror ep4: it’s better to be fair than right

I’m unclear as to whether I should be rooting for these terrorists or not. But it sure feels like the show wants me to do so. I’m not convinced though. My adult mind still says bad is bad. And the dangerous game they’re playing won’t have any good consequences in the very end. I don’t know if I can root for revenge in this case.

I came into this episode fully expecting someone to die. Read more…

Zankyou no Terror ep3: the man who hates Summer.

July 27, 2014 1 comment

What does it mean to be a rare beast? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I think ultimately the question to that can only be answered by the beast itself. Is the rarity treasured, viewed as a weapon, or has the beast taken ownership of that rarity itself and wielded it as it sees fit. In this case, one rare beast is let out of its cage, while the other two run wild using their power to a vicious end, but an unknown purpose.

I was with Shibazaki on this one. It seemed pretty clear Read more…

Zankyou no Terror ep2: so begins the simple game of “catch or be caught”

July 19, 2014 1 comment

I can certainly live with this. I b*tch enough about wanting intelligent series, even though I have plenty at my disposal. Whether it be the Ghost in the Shell movies, Monster, Team Medical Dragon or Hunter X Hunter (don’t you dare underestimate that shounen series), I have all sorts of intelligent narratives waiting in the wings to tickle my thoughts on any number of moral or social quandries, or even critical thinking intensive narratives. But there is something about a good cat and mouse game that I love. No matter what side you’re looking at it from, a that game, that aspect of the narrative is so good at keeping you engaged. it works perfectly if done well to make all aspects of the show, the protagonist(s), the antagonist(s) and the viewers intimately linked in thought and emotion. I see the beginnings of this being woven into the show. And it may be the key to this show being simply well-done, and it being memorable and great. Read more…

Check-in Station: Zankyou no Terror ep1 (I wouldn’t have jumped)

Not bad at all.  Though it’s very early in the story line, I see elements that I really do like.  It’s a positive all around.

Looking at the teaser for this story, it sounds pretentious as hell.  Two kids with a tragic past and numbers for names are sent to put the world on tilt.  They do something horrible and the rest of the world is left to put together the mystery.  “YAWN!”  Yawn I say!  Nothing at all draws me in about that.  But in execution, this show works for me.

The opening scene Read more…

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