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Check-in Station Dark Edition: Issue #3 (Love means knowing that sometimes you have to pull out)

June 2, 2014 1 comment

Issue #3!  Alright, let’s do this!  I gotta say before I start though, some of these pervy series are showing way more heart than I was expecting when I first started reading them.  I guess even while trying to give you a rise, these stories can still teach a lesson.

Here are the manga I’ll be covering in this entry in order:

  • Nana to Kaoru ch66 & 67
  • Yuria 100 Shiki ch56
  • My Lovely Ghost Kana ch17
  • Happy Negative Marriage ch4
  • Liar’s Paradox ch2

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#OreImo ep12: this is the height of unreasonableness. This series can die in a fire. #anime

December 20, 2010 5 comments

This series has been nothing but a series of tests for Kyousuke in reference to
his love for his sister. And it’s gone beyond anything I can stand. At one
point I actually thought she would tone down and get off her brother’s back for
a bit. So I actually thought his “last” counseling for her was worth the
effort. He even ran into another poor fool like him. By the way, it’s
incredibly sad that not only do some people think Kyousuke has an incestuous
attraction to his sister, now we got some people thinking he likes “homos”. Read more…

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