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Watamote ep10: to the bitter end

September 11, 2013 2 comments

Hope springs eternal, but it’s only despair that seems to last forever. Tomoko wishes for nothing more than a fresh start with a new semester starting up. And that’s exactly what she gets, as she’s moved from prime loner territory (the back of the class by the windows) to square center in the middle of the classroom, surrounded by the very students she’s loathed from the beginning of the school year. What burns inside of her is a seething desire to see justice be done, and by justice she means Battle Royale style murder. Adding to her discomfort, the Culture Fair (something any anime watching veteran should be familiar with by now) is right around the corner. What this means for Tomoko is that she’s going to be forced into group activities.

*shudder* Read more…

Watamote ep9: your desires should not equal your expectations

September 4, 2013 2 comments

The home stretch! Tomoko is in the home stretch now. With summer nearing its end, she’s running out of chances to make an impression and lasting memories. Though looking back at her past two episodes, I wouldn’t say she’s accumulated much in the way of stories worth bragging about, nor positive memories. So I can’t totally blame her for falling into a few more delusions while the summer heat is still frying her less than common sense. Read more…

WataMote ep8: liar, liar, life on fire!

August 28, 2013 3 comments

Let’s stop pretending. Shouldn’t this show be given a different, but equally ridiculously long title like, A Series of Unfortunate Failures of a Unfortunate Fool? No? Yeah, no. That was a failure all by itself.

Liar, liar, lick spit,

Your tongue shall be slit,

And all the dogs in the town

Shall have a little bit

– some old book of nursery rhymes

There’s something to be said about the ability to consistently fool someone. And that’s that it’s a commitment.  Everytime you lie to someone, you have to make the decision Read more…

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