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Check-out Station: Watamote ep12 (Dreams, delusions and great direction)

September 25, 2013 Leave a comment

So sad, we’ve come to the end.

We begin (or end) things with a bit of a refresher. The school year has moved on, the cultural festival is over, and Tomoko is still stuck in the same rut. Though it seems she’s adjusted rather well to her circumstances and position. Though, truth be told, she really hasn’t made any progress aside from avoiding the usual trap of falling into bad situations because of her delusions. That said, the delusions don’t go away; they’re only sadder more internal ones. Tomoko tries again and again to imagine the fun she should be having at this point in her school career. But every time she imagines something happy and ideal, the cruel, cold reality of life swats down her imagination.  And when she tries to recall exactly what she’s done up to this point, she nearly dies Read more…

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