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Check-in Station Year in Review: Winter 2013 (the Warmth of Companionship – and Subpar Anime)

January 2, 2014 2 comments

With my Christmas post, I’ve already started my recap series for the year that I’ve dubbed End of Year Faffery.  My love of  British culture, and love the phrase “faffing about” is the inspiration behind this.  But don’t get the wrong idea.  Though I’m playing with concepts, presentation and ideas all the time on this blog; I’m seriously going through this blogs journey in anime throughout the entire year of 2013.  And I’m of course starting with the first season of the year, the Winter season.  After all, this blog is named the Check-in Station. It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to not not check-in at the end of the year with everything I’ve discovered, and experienced in world of anime.  Please enjoy, as I take on my journey through the year of anime, 2013. Read more…

DKJ’s 2014 Resolutions

December 26, 2013 2 comments

It’s rare that I do posts that are personal. Generally, I feel that my “writer’s voice” should give you enough of an insight into what I feel and how I am as a person. But I also can’t deny that getting a little personal can add to the intimacy and entertainment. So here I am, committing to something before all of you now. I’m giving you my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014. Now what I’m writing isn’t just a bunch of the generic “must lose weight/stop smoking/stop telling others to f*ck off” garbage. And some of this will be properly filled with anime related material. I really do jump into the new year with high hopes for myself and those around me.

Now I did consider adding some incentive to these tasks by making a pact with Satan to give me the proper discipline and motivation to complete all these tasks, or I’d have to give up my first born, or promising baby Jesus that I’d give up the hot black lesbian pr0n to guarantee my success. But in the end I said f*ck it. I’m a man! And a man has to gather his own faculties and guts to complete his own tasks and handle his problems. Besides, this works better for my sex life and the health and safety of my daughter’s soul as well. And also I figured that all of this would be well worth it if in a year I came back and said I f*cked up, just to give you guys a chance to laugh at me.

Anyway, without further faffing about – here are my resolutions! Read more…

Vividred Operation ep4: not my waifu!

February 19, 2013 Leave a comment

Episode 3

It’s getting a little silly to say that I’m impressed by this silly show week after week, but I am. It’s got that same classic “friends are friendship and power” vibe that a lot of mahou shoujo have, but it doesn’t beat you with it as hard as other shows do. And I think this episode will strike home for a lot of otaku. It’s all about protecting your waifu. If your waifu was a giant satellite power plant.  HA! Read more…

Vividred Operation ep3: Chesto!

February 17, 2013 1 comment

Episode 2

I’ll keep most of these post quick and to the point, because I don’t think this is a show that merits getting too deeply involved. Read more…

Vividred Operation ep2: feels like ep1 got its big sister ep2 to come outside and punch me in the face!

January 28, 2013 1 comment

Episode 1

Is this the same show I pooped on just an episode ago? All over my Internets I’ve been seeing gifs and comments commending this show on how fun and weird it is. I just figured it was a poor Strike Witches/Nanoha amalgamation that would soon fade except for only the most pervy of fans. But with a round two given to this show I see I may have another fun exciting ride on my hand, a la Symphogear. Let’s go!

Read more…

Vividred Operation ep1: I literally hope this shows runs out of a budget.

January 14, 2013 1 comment

My head hurts. I don’t even know why I’m diving into so many new anime this season. Especially when, like most any anime fan whose been watching shows for more than a year, for every show that comes out, there’s generally four or five in my backlog in that same genre that I should’ve watched first. Vividred Operation looks like an interesting little project.  But the first episode didn’t prove that. It just showed me the near limits of what I’m willing to put up with in order to learn about a new anime. Read more…

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