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Rinne no Lagrange ep16: the apple cart rolls over.

July 29, 2012 1 comment

[Rinne no Lagrange ep15]

Rinne no Lagrange is a shifty series.  Not in the way that Eureka Seven AO is, that whole series’ goal seems to be to keep the audience off balance.  And it’s not shifty in the way that it tells a subtle story that makes you wonder what certain character’s motivations are.  Aside from a select few characters, everyone is very straightforward with their goals and ambitions in this series.  Lagrange is shifty because it has never really allowed us a villain.  In the first season we get Villagulio, but it’s all misdirected.  He’s only half of the problem.  He’s very likable (aside from the Muginami abuse), and has been badly screwed over himself.  King Dizelmine of Le Garite seems to be the easy choice this season, but I’m also not so sure at this point either.  Are they both being manipulated, or is this really a case of two personalities that just can’t budge on their ideals? Read more…

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