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Check-in Station: Triage X ep1 (boob nurses, boob ninjas, boob mercenaries, boob gropers – boobs!)

Oh man.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve watched a boob anime.  It will take some adjustment and time.  For now, I just keep looking at this show and asking why over and over again.  But I’m guessing this show isn’t about actually thinking.  It’s about feeling.  Feeling feelings, and emotions, and heart stuff, but mostly this show is about feeling and watching the boobs.

Oh man.

This most certainly feels like a near throwback series, with some prevalent 70s era anime influences.  This show is violent, flashy, stylish to a ridiculous level, and it sells sex hard!  I can’t say much about the characters or plot so far.  The characters are mostly chicks with boobs and hints of a personality – or pieces of one, and the main guy is the usual revenge driven, trauma molded youth.  And he’s definitely got mental issues, believing the best friend who died is still alive in the body parts that were transplanted onto him to save his life.  Most every other character in this show has been a scumbag criminal or pitiful victim.  It’s not one of the more appealing anime worlds for one to wish to live.

And the plot?  Bad guys are bad.  And really bad ones get murdered really hard.  It’s the story about a team of super professional (and super non-professional) assassins.  It reminds me of Akame ga Kill quite a bit in that regard.  Though so far, Akame ga Kill’s group of weirdos were a tad more appealing to watch.

I hate to say this, but I’m not feeling this show at all.  Don’t get me wrong!  I love boobs!   And ecchi fanservice is often very tolerable to me.  But this show is just bad and feels very derivative beneath its fancy wrapping of style and sex.  It doesn’t have nearly the charm for me to put up with the ridiculousness.  When I watched Highschool of the Dead, I soon figured out that I was watching a classic among bad anime.  It had its own entertainment value just from sheer gall and guile that it had in its storytelling.  This show so far lacks the intangible things that make a bad show entertaining.  It only makes me laugh at how ridiculous it is, but it takes itself too seriously to really run with it.  Ugh.  I’m just plainly not entertained by this show, just miffed and baffled by its various aspects.  I won’t be keeping up with Triage X.

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