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Glasslip ep3: a future I don’t care to see

I could not be less interested in a series than I am now with this series. I had been warned about P.A. Works shows, and thought I was prepared, but there’s just no faking or powering through some things for me. Even when I try to focus my viewing experience by asking myself what are the fundamental points and questions of the show; it only makes my lack of enthusiasm worse. I end up just asking myself the same question: why am I watching this show anyway? Read more…

Glasslip ep2 (you’re welcome?)

I don’t know if I can take this melodrama. It may not be in me to be this patient.

I don’t think I’m liking Glasslip much right now. I never tried to check, but I get a good feeling this show is from a light novel, and while it has some good moments, they feel really overplayed. Plus right now, I’m not really sure there’s anything for me to get really excited about. There is the whole thing about staring into a piece of glass and seeing the future. But it’s so barebones and minimal right now, that it doesn’t feel exciting at all. If you saw someone murdered, or saw a life changing event, perhaps I would get roped in to what the show is offering. Currently, it’s just a bunch of kids with nothing to do except be privileged and carefree in their little homes, and daydream about pleasant things like being in love. Read more…

Check-in Station: Glasslip ep1 (I came for the animation; I stayed for the cocks)

What a beautiful place.  What spectacular fireworks.  What bright-eyed, simple and happy people.  Look at all this nostalgia dripping from every panel as the joys of a summer festival wash over all- HEY!  There’s a guy over there not smiling!  He’s not partaking in any of the summer festivities!  He’s not bright-eyed at all, he looks rather menacing and dour!  The spectacular fireworks *gasp* – have no effect.  He’s not stopping to enjoy this beautiful place!  He must be an enemy!  Everyone frown!  He’s getting too close to and familiar with our most naive, bright-eyed and simple character! Read more…

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