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Binbougami ga! ep4: her weakness is that she’s not a bad enough person

What a funny problem to find yourself in: trying to figure out if the person you’re with is an angel or a devil; a good person, or a spawn of misfortune that tortures the lives of those around her for her own gain?  Though perhaps I’m thinking much too deeply about this since the episode also includes a pervy monk who can’t stop obsessing over titties, and a masochist dog spirit that gets off on being whipped and having boiling hot water poured down his throat.  Indeed, perhaps the person who is just selfish, spoiled and oblivious doesn’t have the worst or most vexing of issues. Read more…

Sword Art Online episode 1: The Gaming Experience of a Lifetime

August 27, 2013 4 comments

“In 2022, humanity has finally created a complete virtual environment.”

This is how our story begins, celebrating the triumph that I’m sure would be the wet dream of many a MMORPG player: a completely realistic, all immersive world played via a virtual reality machine dubbed the NerveGear. At first glance, this is quite reminiscent of the .Hack stories of the early 2000s. The NerveGear even reminded me of the Animus used to explore minds and memories in the Assassins’ Creed series. See, this is going to be a completely harmless adventure… Read more…

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