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So I Can’t Play H! ep1: I can see your fate (oh, that’s a clever title isn’t it?)

Not a bad, if standard first episode.  I honestly wasn’t expecting to even try to watching this show.  But I guess it’s a good thing to randomly give series a shot.  At the very least, I need one decent pervy anime to follow.

Basically, this show strikes me as Bleach with a pervy twist.  Kaga is the classic loser male protagonist with a golden heart.  He has this terrible habit of literally speaking his mind.  And he has a big boobed friend who he’s very protective of.  I have a feeling that whenever he gets in trouble in the future, she’ll start calling his name incessantly.  I haven’t remembered her name as of yet, because I I’m terrible at names.  Also, she doesn’t seem to be very consequential at the moment.  And the final character of note, Lisara.  The shinigami chick.  She seemed like a decent person at first.  At first.  But I have a feeling that she may become grating over time. Read more…

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