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Check-in Station Year in Review: Winter 2013 (the Warmth of Companionship – and Subpar Anime)

January 2, 2014 2 comments

With my Christmas post, I’ve already started my recap series for the year that I’ve dubbed End of Year Faffery.  My love of  British culture, and love the phrase “faffing about” is the inspiration behind this.  But don’t get the wrong idea.  Though I’m playing with concepts, presentation and ideas all the time on this blog; I’m seriously going through this blogs journey in anime throughout the entire year of 2013.  And I’m of course starting with the first season of the year, the Winter season.  After all, this blog is named the Check-in Station. It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to not not check-in at the end of the year with everything I’ve discovered, and experienced in world of anime.  Please enjoy, as I take on my journey through the year of anime, 2013. Read more…

#SukitteIinayo ep1: there is no police in anime.

Or the title could be “Nothing begins until you’re ready.  Because I haven’t been ready to write a damn blog post in forever.

A friend recommended this show to me when I was griping about all the anime I was missing out on during the Fall run, and how I couldn’t keep up with anyone’s conversations on anything anymore.  Shoujo, fluffy, pillowy stuff like this generally doesn’t get my attention, but there are exceptions.  Kimi ni Todoke being a recent example.  And even though Muv-Luv seems to be the only thing that has been able to convince me to watch it during this buys winter, I’m gonna try and branch out again.  Maybe I’ll even finish a damn series or two. Read more…

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